10 Little Things To Stop Worrying About When Traveling


Long lasting nail polish is the second best invention for women, after laser

For years I used to worry about how to keep my nails perfectly manicured for the duration of my travels - be it work, rest or play. Believe it or not I used to add at least an extra pound to my luggage, stacking up on nail polish, nail polish removal, clippers and files; it would keep me going for weeks! This ladies, is now in my past and never to be repeated since I discovered Gelish and Shellac.

Girls, if you have never tried Gelish or Shellac by CND, I promise you don't know what you are missing out on. They are both brands of long lasting nail polish that does not ruin whatsoever. In rare cases if you are swimming everyday for a week or two they can start to peel, but other than that, no joke: your nails won't ruin.

I can't even think about traveling anymore without getting it done. Normal manicures will ruin by the time I finish packing for the trip. I'm telling you I've been to from beach-intense countries like Cyprus, to more city-life places like Berlin and my manicure survived both really well.

Is it 'bad' for your nails?

There is a constant debate about whether it's 'bad' for your nails. Some people have better or worse experiences; honestly I think it depends on the quality of your nails to begin with. When I do it myself, my nails tend to grow and they seem fine after removal, but I don't keep it on for more than 10 days.

To give you an expert's opinion we asked Jenni Robinson - the owner of The Nail Bar; a nail salon in Achrafieh - that has been working with CND Shellac product for quite some time now. Here's what she had to say.

"CND Shellac will not ruin your nails if the person applying and removing it follows a correct procedure and uses the full range of Shellac products; a base coat, color coat and, finally, the top coat for application and Shellac Nourishing Removal for the removal. If CND Shellac is left on the nails for more than 4 weeks, it can sometimes dry out the nail-plate, however this happens rarely. The only way you can ruin your nails, is if you decide to remove Shellac yourself by ripping the layer off the nails. By doing so you will remove a thin layer of your natural nail-plate which will cause nail splitting and breaking. It is always preferable to remove Shellac at the salon, however if you want to do it yourself, the correct way would be to soak your nails in acetone based nail polish removal until the layers peals off easily.”


Here's how the process works. First you get a regular manicure done, of course without the nail polish. Then your manicurist will apply a base coat. Then you will place your hands in a machine that has a UV lamp. This is what dries the nail polish in a way that makes it stay in place. With each coat of the nail polish as well as the topcoat, you will place your hand in the UV lamp (for 2 minutes each time). When the last coat is done, your manicurist will take acetone and clean your nails from any stickiness that may occur at the top layer. I still get shocked every time she does this because obviously we are used to acetone removing our regular nail polish.

Here's a video by Shellac by CND showing you how it's done.


In order to remove long lasting nail polish, you'll probably need to go back to the salon. They place a cotton drenched with acetone on your fingers and wrap them with aluminum foil, after which you'll need to wait for about 10 minutes. Then the nail polish will just sort of fall off. I've personally seen them do it so many times that I just do it at home while watching TV.

'Goot to know' from Jenni Robinson of The Nail Bar

Raghunter: How long does Shellac last?

Jenni: It is designed to last for 14 days, but based on experience it can actually last for more than 3 weeks. You wouldn't want to keep it for more than 14 days though as the natural nail growth will show around the cuticle area.

Raghunter: Why is it the best option?

Jenni: It is very practical. Drying time is practically nothing, so you can run out of the salon immediately after the session with no risk of a smudging. You will also love the fact that your nails will shine like never before and mind you for as long as the product is on your nails. And perhaps most importantly, you don't run the risk of chipping your nails while packing and unpacking.

Raghunter: How many colors are there to choose from?

Jenni: We currently have 68 amazing colors at The Nail Bar, but we can combine colors to create literally thousands of different shades.

Raghunter: Is Shellac different than Gelish? And how?

Jenni: Yes. The main difference between Gelish and CND Shellac is in the removal process. To remove Gelish correctly the top shiny layer needs to be buffed off before soaking the nails in a strong product that will peal off the remaining layers.

Try it once

Next time you travel, or even have weeklong festivities like in Christmas, try the long last nail polish. Whether you like it or not, at least you won't have to worry about your manicure getting ruined!


Here are a few nail salons in Lebanon that I know have Gelish or Shellac. I'm sure there is tons more; if you know of some, add a comment at the bottom of the article so others can see!

1 // The Nail Bar - Use Shellac by CND - Achrafieh Near Spinneys - Call 01-205040 or Email

2 // Angela's Nails - Use Gelish - Mallat Street, Verdun - Call 01-783535 or 03-316474

3 // Joe Raad - Use Gelish by Essie - Verdun, Nour El Hayat Building - Call 01-795928 or 03-951271

4 // Naiiman - Use Gelish - Verdun, Nour Building - Call 01-787858 or 03-787856

5 // You're Done - Use Gelish - Spinney's Achrafieh - Call 01-207999

6 // How To Wow - Use Gelish by Harmony - Spinney's Jnah - Call 01-838333