12 of The Funniest-Looking Lebanese Moustaches You'll Remember If You Were Around in the 80's

November, or should we say Movember, is the month of moustaches: watching them grow, supporting their cause, and perhaps even poking a little fun at our friends donning them.

It's also a time that brings around memories of moustaches that once crossed our paths, and forever became etched in our memories.

Seeing all kinds of moustaches pop up this month is nothing but an infallible reminder of those hilarious-looking 80's moustaches. Singers, actors, and even our dads, all wore them. Willingly.

We've rounded up 12 of the funniest looking 80's moustaches for your pure delight this Friday. If you were around then, we'll be silently chuckling with you as you go through each photo. If you weren't, you'd probably still enjoy this anyways, it's cheese galore.

12 of The Funniest Looking 80's Lebanese Moustaches

Ragheb Alame

Easy there, Ragheb. Ragheb Alame movember

(You may now cringe, or laugh hysterically.)

Toni Hanna

A little longer and he can use his stache to tickle the inside of his ear. toni hanne

Lebanese politics and Toni Hanna's moustache have one thing in common - nothing's changed since the 80's.

Toni Hanna movember

Assi El Hellani

The funniest part of this pic is that Assi El Hellani was that dude totally rocking the moustache back then. Like he was the man who just had it all. We die.

Assi Hellani moustache

Hassan Alaa Eddine As Chouchou

An icon in Lebanese comedy and song, it's hard to find a Lebanese residing on planet Earth who isn't already familiar with Chouchou, who's moustache is second to none. We thinks the term 'lady tickler' may have been created after that stache. chouchou

Philemone Wehbe

The man was a legendary actor who donned almost every kind of moustache throughout his career. We are baffled at how this one seems to growing up his face. Philemon Wehbe moustache

Nasri Shamseddine

Being brought up listening to his strong voice throughout our childhood, one can't imagine Nasri Shamseddine sans-moustache. Just not sure he would have kept it had he been singing today.

Nasri Shamseddine moustache


Antoine Kerbaj As Barbar Agha

No one depicted evil in Lebanese drama as Antoine Kerbaj did. Well, that moustache can scare away a few ladies if you know what we mean.

Antoine Kerbaj

Ahmad Khalifeh As Abu El Abed

Abu El Abed is probably one of the most famous Beiruti comedy personas on Lebanese television. That linear-shaped stache must have had something to do with it. On that note, can one of you guys please re-create that look and send us a photo?

Abu Abed moustache

Karim Abou Chakra

The Lebanese actor, director and screen-writer proudly wore that moustache he was famous for. He knew the power of the stache, that's for sure.

Karim Abu Chakra

Mahmoud Mabsout As Fehmen

Remember the white-haired character from the all famous Abu Salim series? Well this is Mabsout when he was younger and his stache was still enjoying peak years in black color.


Apparently it was still doing the trick years later.


Abdel Majeed Majzoub

We think Mr. Majzoub was inspired by a boat anchor. Must be.

Abdel Majid Majzoub

Nabih Aboulhosn As Akhwat Chanay

This is called a toothbrush moustache. Charlie Chaplin in da house.

Nabih Aboulhosn Did we miss anyone you think deserves an honorary mention on our list? Send us your feedback in the comments below.

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    Your Karim Abou Chakra is in fact Michel Tabet, I think. Maybe the person on the left is Karim Abou Chakra.