14 Cool Fashion & Lifestyle Blogs in Dubai

It is no secret that fashion bloggers are becoming increasingly influential in the fashion scene worldwide. They are now ambassadors to major brands, taking front-row seats during fashion weeks, and are sought after by big designer names and followers alike. Documenting their lives and sharing style advice through social media has become an addiction to many, which is fueled by the - sometimes - absurdly high pay they get from sponsorships and collaborations.

Being the biggest cosmopolitan fashion and lifestyle hub of the Middle East, it didn't take much time for fashion bloggers to start popping out of Dubai. Plenty of fashion and lifestyle blogs emerge every day, and there are names that present unique material, good quality features, and are even managed by PR agencies.

We know you might already follow a few of your favorite bloggers, but here are some more names that are pretty cool.

In no particular order, here are 14 cool fashion and lifestyle blogs in Dubai.

1 // The Fierce Diaries

The Fierce Diaries

Nadya Hassan is by far one of the most highly acclaimed Emirati fashion bloggers, with high-caliber collaborations with international brands. Her blog provides some really amazing dressing ideas that are always accompanied by stunning pictures.

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2 // My Fash Diary

Tala Samman

This blog by Tala Samman, a London College of Fashion graduate, is the first style blog to come out of the UAE in 2009. A few prestigious collaborations later, and Tala became one of the Middle East's most sought after fashion and lifestyle bloggers.

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3 // Lyla Loves Fashion

Zahra Lyla

Zahra Lyla inspires her readers through advice posts, beautiful outfit combinations, as well as covering fashion events all the way from London to Dubai. Her style is very sweet and feminine. She has also been successful enough to collaborate with a number of luxury brands.

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4 // The Fashion-Hub

The Fashion Hub

This blog was established by sisters Parisa and Lydia Birgani, who are brilliant at mixing low profile designers with high-street ones, resulting in really creative outfit combinations. They soon were recognized for their unique style and started working as international brands ambassadors, stylists and consultants. Dream job anyone?

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5 // Style Drifter

Style Drifter

Style Drifter was established by Teresa Karpinska, a Swedish fashion stylist living in Dubai. Style Drifter is her own visual outlet for both conceptual fashion editorials, as well as commercial lifestyle shoots, videos and fashion news.

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6 // La Moda Dubai

La Moda Founders


More like a magazine now, Jim Paolo Joquico and Sherry Tenorio created an online source for fashion and beauty, catering specifically to the UAE and the Middle East. They provide breaking fashion and lifestyle news, and in-depth features targeting luxury-lifestyle seekers in the Arab world.

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7 // The Look Bureau

The Look Bureau

Raised in Dubai, Faith Rodriguez is a web professional by day, a style blogger by night, and a fashion addict 365 days a year. Her blog is her digital wardrobe, where she documents style tips, fashion finds and outfit inspirations. Being pregnant at the moment, her latest maternity style posts provide precious insights on how to beautifully dress up during the not-so-easy 9 months.

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8 // Style By Kieren

Style by Kieren

One of the most influential male fashion figures in Dubai, Kieren Kanda, is a stylist and contributing editor who shares his outfit inspirations, shopping and style ideas.

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9 // The Shades And Scarf

The Shades and Scarf

Ushi Sato, a Dubai-based Filipino fashion designer and stylist, loves daring avant-garde fashion. His blog is a personal combination of beautiful things that he wears, designs and sees.

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10 // Weesha's World

Weesha's World

Through her blog, Luanne D’Souza discusses plus-size fashion and beauty, and shares inspirational ideas about her own previous battle with self-acceptance, in order to help other girls feel beautiful regardless of their size. We love this.

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11 // Hint of Beautiful

Hint of beautiful

Florence is a French expat residing in Dubai. In her travels she advocates vintage finds, thrift shopping all over the world, as well as her own extensive collection of hats - all of which are captured by simple yet expressive photography coupled with descriptive blogposts.

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12 // Mahryska


Mahryska is a Dubai-based photographer and style blogger. Through sharing her personal outfit posts and beautiful photography, she landed several international brands collaborations, and was featured in several prominent publications.

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13 // Pintsized Fashionista

Pintsized fashionista

Is the personal style diary of the Middle East’s first teenage fashion bloggers, the Dubai/London based twins, Lailli and Alizey Mirza. The petit-sized girls share their style and travel inspirations, as well as fashion news, and have launched their own line of leggings.

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14 // Boguslavsky Sisters

Boguslavsky Sisters

A fashion and lifestyle blog was created by the two sisters, Alla and Marianna Boguslavsky. Each one living in a different city, the blog transformed into a dual-country lifestyle blog focusing on Dubai and Cape Town, where the sisters currently reside.

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