15 Kick-Ass Sneakers You Can Buy in Beirut

If anything is a big trend right now, it's definitely those funky sneakers popping up everywhere you look. Both high-end and high-street fashion brands are designing some of the coolest sneakers to ever hit the pavement.

You've got Chanel going at it, Stella McCartney collaborating with Adidas, and Alife collaborating with Puma for a whole line, amongst many other brands out there. We are loving that this winter, fashion and comfort meet halfway on a soft plush sole.






Where to Buy Sneakers in Beirut

We wondered where and what we could find when shopping for sneakers in Beirut, so went ahead and did some serious window-shopping around the city to see what the deal is.

We found 15 kick-ass sneaker styles that you can buy from stores right here in Beirut, these ones are for women, we hope to do one for the men soon too.

The store selling each sneaker is highlighted under 'Found at' so be sure to click on that link for more details including price (not on all, you'll have to call the store) and store contact details.

Happy sneaker shopping!

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1. Love Moschino Sneakers

Moschino simply combined an American love canvas print with suede leather. We think this piece is adorable (although a tad bit pricey).

Found at Pointure

Love Moschino

2. Elena Iachi Boucle Sneakers

The wool fabric with leather is a perfect combination for a statement piece that provides both warmth and style for your footsies this winter.

Found at Pointure

Elena Lachi Sneakers - Pointure

3. Air Force x Liberty of London Sneakers

These limited edition floral sneakers are definitely worth snagging. We would wear them with a super simple outfit (probably a solid color from head to toe) to drive the attention down there all day.

Found at The Good Life

Airforce Liberty of London

4. Snakeskin Platform Sneakers

Yeah, these snaky little ones here will match with just about any outfit. They are DEFINITELY worth at least trying on at the store.

Found at H&M


5. Corso 16 Sneakers

Here are another pair of snaky little ones, except they are high tops with more of a golden touch. We like that too because they can be pulled off with a more formal outfit.

Found at Linea Max

Snake Skin Sneakers

6. Palm Print High Tops

These could just brighten up any dreary winter day, we love them.

Found at Bershka

BSK Sport High Tops

7. White Leather Sneakers

A girl can never go wrong with yet classic white leather sneakers. Yes it's a simple model, but this makes it a must-have.

Found at Zara

white leather sneakers

8. Flamingo Slant Top Inka Sneakers

In addition to being hand-woven, the coolest fact about this made-in-Peru brand, is that tree gets planted for every shoe that is sold. Find out more about the work by following #oneshoeonetree.

Found at The Bayrut Express


9. Gold Sneakers With Velcro

Dare to wear these gold sneakers because they won't suit everyone, think you can pull them off? We like that extra thick sole there, they look really comfy.

Found at Zara

Gold Sneakers With Velcro

10. Chicago Blazer City Pack Sneakers

Not quite sure about you, but we love the floral print on this pair.

Found at The Good Life

Blazer City Back Chicago

11. Sarah Summer Lace-Up Sneakers

Why not have a little rainbow to adorn your feet during this cold winter? We love this fresh combination of materials and colors.

Found at Pointure

Sneakers by Sarah Summer

12. Combined Trainers

Zara managed to stylishly combine heavy-duty material (leather and silicone), with highly feminine shade of pink, resulting in an irresistible piece, which is now one of our must-haves (especially that it's now on sale).

Found at Zara

combined trainers

13. Elena Iachi Wedge Sneakers

For the girls amongst us who need a little boost, we love this piece that gives a good 7 cm push. The zipper details and the colored flap are also really cool.

Found at Pointure

Elena Iachi Wedge

14. Coloured Leather Sneakers

The perfect edition of stylish and comfy footwear (which is also wallet-friendly). This pop of blue is really hard to miss when you want to make a long-lasting impression as a sneakers diva.

Found at Zara

coloured leather sneakers

15. Cult Wedge Sneakers

The fresh lime color instantly drew our attention to this piece. We did try these ones on and our feet were in comfortable shoe heaven.

Found at Pointure

Cult sneakers


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