16 Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blogs from Lebanon

Who isn't totally obsessed with following great blogs these days? Fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogs are constant sources of visual stimulation and closet inspiration, seriously - how can anyone ever get enough. Some blogs have hit the major league, making those bloggers some of the most influential people in fashion.

Interestingly enough, the majority of successful blogs started as a mere hobby, an undeniable love for Mlle Fashion or a tribute to the shoe gods. In a few cases though it ended up being a full time (paid) job. The kind of job that for the likes of the Man Repeller, Bryanboy and Elin Kling earned them first row seats at fashion shows, an insane number of followers, and quite substantial contracts with some of the biggest fashion brands.

In Lebanon, we saw fashion bloggers first emerge a couple of years ago and since then quite few gained wide popularity across the Arab region.

In no particular order, here are 16 blogs that we keep a watchful eye on, a few of which hope you are already following!

1 // Ivy Says


Ivy Says started as a blog about dating and dynamics of the Lebanese society. Today it's a lifestyle blog headed by Dana Khairallah, and she writes about everything to do with fashion, food, celebrities and our society.

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2 // L’Armoire De Lana


L’Armoire de Lana is a peephole into the fashion world and closet of Lana El Sahely - an economics/politics student who chose a career of glitz and glamour through her dedication to the blog and love for styling.

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3 // The Closet Clause


Tamar and Sandrine form a rather fashionable duo - there's no denying that. Through their blog, they bring you latest label finds, designer features, event launches, new collections, and much more.

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4 // Playing With Fashion


Maya is of Russian and Lebanese origin and juggles between being a full-time Interior Designer and a full-time Blogger. She's the kind of girl that encourages her readers to be frugal and get creative with their wardrobe. Maya now has a fashion segment on a popular Lebanese TV show B Beirut.

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5 // Sunset De Amor


Ginan and Salma are sisters by birth and yet another fashion blogging duo. They believe that style icons can be anywhere and everywhere.

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6 // Life and Style and Co


Rita's love for fashion started with dressing her barbie toys. After working in different fields ranging from broadcasting to fashion, and after living in Tokyo and Cairo for few years, she found herself back in lovely Beirut and back to her roots writing about fashion, food, and more.

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7 // Fashion To Tracy


Fashion to Tracy is a reflection of Tracy’s approach to the world of fashion. Through it she will take you back to the golden age of fashion, and the splendid world of haute couture.

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8 // Drops Of Cream


Think of this blog as a very little diary by Riwa with a major focus on everything that is fashion around her.

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9 // The Wire Mannequin


This blog is dedicated to everything that makes a woman’s day whole. Maya aspires to offer you her own insight into the world of style, beauty and elegance and will bring you her view on one of the most diverse and interesting industries to have existed.

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10 // The D Scoop

dalia saad copy

Dalia Saad is a Lebanese fashion addict who’s been constantly following up and looking for answers since day one. She graduated with a BA in Fashion Design from ESMOD Beirut and has just embarked on a new journey after working at the amazing U Magazine for a number of years.

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11 // Heels Over Heads


Daniela Skeyki  is a Lebanese-Russian blogger with interest in photography, fashion, music, art and advertising. Her blog reflects exactly that.

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12 // Lara Speaks Style


This blog is a mirror of things that Lara is passionate about - travel, fashion, food and beauty. She will share with you her travel journeys, her style and beauty cravings, major restaurant or recipe discoveries, and many other things.

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13 // Vero Moda Middle East Blog


The Vero Moda blog is about an urban girl that has a great interest in fashion. She is independent and is capable of making her own decisions. She doesn’t worry about age and her look changes depending on where she is in life and what she feels like wearing.

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14 // Hala Ajam


Hala Ajam is one of the most renowned make-up artists in Lebanon. A strong believer in the power of natural beauty, and the philosophy that less is more, Ajam wants women to look like the best versions of themselves, without being influenced by something that goes against their real identity. This blog is about that.

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15 // Nouchaline


This blog is by your typical shoe addicted girl who loves and appreciates fashion.

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16 // Bubblegum Fashion Face


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