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40 Back to School Items

Going back to school or university after a fun-packed vacation shouldn't be all that depressing! You should be looking forward to put together fresh new outfits. We know it's not always easy to be inspired about what to wear to class, so we selected a few versatile items that we recommend you incorporate into your daily outfits.

Welcome back to school ladies :)

1 // The Tops

Go for a statement tee; they work well with practically anything on the bottom - ripped jeans, shorts, and skirts. Make sure to carry along a cardigan and/or a scarf to combat unexpected chilling AC temperatures.

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2 // The Bottoms

Whatever the case, when you're going to class, you want to be as comfortable as possible - think loose pants that have a twist. Either a cool print, design or pop of color.

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3 // The Shoes

Nothing beats a good old pair of sneakers. Buy them, wear them good and wear them out. We bet you can't even count how many sneakers you have in your closet. Use them ladies, use them good.

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4 // The Bags

Think something classic, large, light weight, and smart. We'd recommend one that will hold your pouch, scarf or cardigan, papers and stationary, a book/tablet, chargers, etc. Also, you have to keep in mind that good quality bags are usually pricey. It's always worth the investment to get a good quality classic bag.

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5 // The Accessories

It's agreeable to chunk some arm candy here. The longer your day, however, the less items you want to worry about or have them straining your skin. Remember, a few statement pieces are enough create the impact you want.

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