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5 Ways to Perfectly Layer Your Outfits this Fall

Fall in Lebanon is basically summer with less humidity and cooler nights. That actually makes it the most enjoyable time to get dressed everyday. Mid-season months grant you the ability to get away with things you just can't in full season.

Fall Dressing

One of our favorite reasons to get dressed in fall is wearing booties with dresses, shorts or skirts. In winter, you'd have to wear tights and let's just be straight: that rarely ever looks pretty. In the Fall on the other hand, it's your beautiful bare legs and in our minds we pull it off just like Kate Moss, kinda, we wish (never happening).


Another favorite part of Fall dressing is the ability to layer our outfits before we have to start wearing the heavier clothes, i.e. when the line between looking cool and looking like an Eskimo becomes really thin.

Do you see it too?!


Layered Outfit Inspirations for this Fall

As part of our launch photo series for The Kill, we thought it would be cool to put together cool layered outfits that you can wear at this time of year. The outfits were styled by Wael Boutros, who we think is a real expert in layering, and photographed by the wonderful Swedish Andre Wolff.

The outfits were created for casual outings during the day that can crossover to early evening such as: Saturday lunch, happy hour drinks in Mar Mikhael, Gardenstate/Trainstation/Junkyard and the likes.

Layered Outfit 1


Serene is wearing:

Tight White Dress: Found at Leanna's Boutique Denim Shirt: Found at Leanna's Boutique Multicolor Leather Jacket: Found at Santiago Brown Frill Bag: Found at GS Stores Timberland Boots: Found at GS Stores 3D Ring: by Rapid Manufactory found at Oddish Sunglasses: Owned by Serene Socks: Owned by Serene

Layered Outfit 2


Narina is wearing:

Tie-Dye Shirt: Owned by Narina Black Jeans Skirt: Found at Depechemode Plaid Shirt: Found at Depechemode Bicolor Jacket: Found at Depechemode Gray Hat: Found at Depechemode Bag: Found at Johnny Farah Shoes: Owned by Narina Socks: Owned by Narina

In conclusion, here is how we recommend you layer your outfits.

5 Ways to Layer Your Outfit

1 // Fitted or Short Base Items:

When you want to layer an outfit, make sure to wear something tight-fitted or short as the base (i.e. a tight dress, tight pants, or shorts). If your layer a loose-fitted base items, it would most likely look sloppy.


2 // Shirts Around the Waist:

This is SUCH a big trend right now, celebrities and street style divas are all doing it. Wearing a clashing jacket on top also works, and more so if you wear shorts or tight leather pants.


3 // Shoulder Jackets:

Placing your jacket over your shoulders can add so much power to an outfit and perfect for creating a layered effect. At this point we don't really need to wear jackets, but you can go for a thin one (a jeans jacket!).


4 // Scarves & Hats:

Throw on a scarf or a hat any day and that's already half the layering done. That's even more true when they have some sort of print for maximum effect.


fedora hat street style seconds 1

5 // Clashing Colors and Prints:

This one is pretty tough. Not only do you need the right color schemes and prints to work, but you also need to have the attitude to pull it off! Here's a cool one we found online, but we must say it would be pretty tricky to emulate that.


Good luck!


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