6 Edgy Men's Stores In Beirut, Other Than Your Usual Ones

As a woman, I can assure all men out there that there's nothing better than a man who is well-dressed (and no, wearing Abercrombie & Fitch from head to toe is not considered a “good outfit”. Not even close.)

With Beirut’s up and coming trendy fashion scene, the men here need to kick up their style. Enough with the sweatpants and the popped collar polos and the traditional outfits: it’s time for a fashion stir up. I know most of you guys cringe at the idea of shopping and makeovers, but some tweaking is overdue.

Whether you’re looking to own more fashionable and funky pieces, or you want to stick to your classical look but add a twist to it, read along.

And for all the ladies out there, this list is for you too, whether you’re simply looking for a gift or trying to get your guy to wear some trendy items (the struggle is real, I know).

I know fashion store choices for men in Beirut are limited, and you’re tired of going to the same places, so I've selected 6 edgy stores in Beirut (listed here in alphabetical order) that you may not have visited before.

Happy shopping guys.

Eleven Paris

Eleven Paris first came to fame with their “Life is a Joke” series. It featured several celebrities and notable people - including Kate Moss, Rihanna, and the Queen of England herself - with the “fingerstache” (apparently that’s what a moustache drawn on a finger is called. I’m not making it up, Google it).

The Parisian brand, that was previously sold only at BHV in Lebanon, opened its first flagship a couple of months ago. The label caters to the guys who like to dress in a more urban style; graphic t-shirts, usually with some celebrity or character printed on them, and caps and bags with the name of your favourite rappers.





Address: 2 Park Avenue, Downtown Beirut, Lebanon | Tel.: +961 1 989040 | Visit Eleven Paris' Website | Visit Their Facebook Page


ForeAndAft is the perfect place for all you guys who are looking for classical clothing with a slight edgy touch. Opened in 2014, the store offers a wide range of items from a number of niche Italian brands, from classical button down shirts, blazers and leather jackets, to everyday pants in different colours, t-shirts, sneakers and shoes. Even if you’re wearing a basic suit and you’re looking to spice it up a bit, their sophisticated but fun ties are for you.





Address: Pharoun street, building 128, Mar Mikhael – Achrafieh – Beirut | Tel.: +961 70 346 758 | Visit ForeAndAft's Website | Visit Their Facebook Page

Mr. M

Mr. M is Beirut’s first concept store that caters only to men. Opened in 2012 by Mira Kassar, the store sells some of the world’s most famous brands such as Pierre Hardy, Acne Studios, Ami and many others. As Kassar puts it, “our man is an urban gentleman, a man of style, class, culture, he has an acute sense of fashion and of course he has a bit of swag.” You will find everything; edgy items, such as graphic tees and sneakers, and classical pieces, and some really trendy accessories to go along with.





Address: Marfaa 128 Bldg, Tijara St., Downtown Beirut, Lebanon | Tel.: +961 1 99 00 11 | Visit Mister M's Website | Visit Their Facebook Page


Originally based in Milan, Slowear opened in Beirut in 2012. The store is homey with photographs and books everywhere. As you walk in, you are treated with some really delicious chocolate brought straight from Italy. The brand manages 4 labels, Incotex for pants, Zanone for knitwear, Glanshirt for shirts and Montedoro for outerwear. This store is perfect for the smart-casual man. The man who likes to stay classical and sharp, but not behind on fashion trends. If you’re that guy, you won’t be dissatisfied.





Address: Patriarch Howayek Street, Bab Idriss - Beirut Central District, Beirut, Lebanon | Tel.: +961 1 999230 | Visit Slowear's Website | Visit Their Facebook Page

Zadig et Voltaire

Zadig et Voltaire first opened in Beirut in 2012. Today they have several branches in and around the city. This Parisian brand is made for all the rock ’n’ roll lovers out there - the men who love to wear basic colours, skinny jeans, boots and leather jackets (their jackets are to die for). Even their classical pieces have an edge to them. So if you want to look sharp but still rock ’n’ roll, Zadig et Voltaire is for you.





Address: 2 Park Avenue, Downtown Beirut, Lebanon | Tel.: +961 1 972 816 and +961 1 973 756 | Visit Zadig et Voltaire Website | Visit Their Facebook Page

6:05 by depechemode

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of 6:05. Launched in 2012, this concept store offers modern and fashionable clothes and shoes alongside basic pieces for everyday, all with a Parisian flare (you know that typical Parisian guy, who is always so well dressed even if he’s just going to the gym?). They have everything from plain white shirts, to printed ones, to trendy accessories and some really nice swim trunks (ah summer…), 6:05 has everything you need to switch up your style.





Address: Zen Bldg, Charles Malek Avenue, St Nicolas, Ashrafieh | Tel.: + 961 1 335 450 | Visit 6:05 by depechemode's Website | Visit Their Facebook Page

--- Guys, if you're looking to amp up your closet, I definitely recommend that you check these places out.

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