7 Questions With Cera Barr

We have a special love for Cera Barr over at Raghunter. Not only is Sara Barrage (the designer herself) a personal friend, but she has been part of Raghunter since the day that we launched. We sat down with Sara for a few hours at her atelier, which is the definition of a creative mess: with beads, magazine cut-outs, and mannequins sprawling all over the place. After some chocolate cake and freshly made fruit salad, we eventually got to asking her our 7 questions. Oh and, she's got a secret talent we bet you had no idea about.

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1. What is your single biggest design inspiration? Nature, sacred geometry and super heroes for keeping my ideas fresh but my single biggest inspiration would have to be the human body. I’m a big people person and enjoy human interaction so wanting to decorate the human body comes naturally to me. I love the contrast of dressing a curvy body with geometric backlaces and cuffs or ornamenting someone’s head with wild leafy motifs. It’s always challenging yet loads of fun for me to find new and exciting ways of expressing yourself with armor. iris

2. Person whose closet you’d most like to raid? Liberace. For his capes and blazers. I don’t think anyone can top Liberace! I have a Manoush coat that reminds me a bit of his pink feather cape! This is me wearing it below. liberaceepicness


3. Biggest fashion regret? Once in high school, I thought it would be TOTALLY awesome to wear my prom dress with a sweater over it. Hahah, I remember fighting with my mom so hard in the morning. She begged me to change and I was so adamant not to. This is the same prom dress, that I later shortened to wear to another prom! cb12

4. Theme song to your life? I just found this song which has part of my favorite speech in the whole world by Charlie Chaplin ,“The last speech”. If I had to choose one song to blast through the world’s speakers for everyone to hear it would be this. In a time where humanity all over the world is desperately losing hope this song serves to remind us who we really are and not what the media and politics and bullshit tells us we are.

5. Dream dinner guest, living or not? My uncle, Fady Barrage. He was a painter. Our house, including all of our family homes are decorated with his awesome paintings. If I had one wish it would be to have known him. fadi-barrage4

6. Worst vice? I’m still naïve and can be stubborn about what I believe is ‘right’. I get flustered and emotional when I need to be more rational and business minded. I have a lot of thoughts, emotions and aspirations that drive me through intuition. Also, I shamefully drive like a Lebanese cab driver when I have to steer through traffic on a hectic Beiruti day. If I did not have good music playing in the car I would go crazy! rr

7. Secret talent? Singing! I joined an amazing band 8 months ago and im super excited to share our music with you! We are Mother Mantra (Karim Beidoun producer/composer/guitarist and Faysal Itani on bass and me on lead vocals) we are releasing our first single very soon so stay tuned!! Ive never been so proud or excited about anything in my life! cb6


MMpic-1 But since you cant hear anything yet, I will share my personal soundcloud page where I make fun remixes of dance songs with my own vocal melodies recorded over. This has nothing to do with Mother Mantra, its just my own musical playground space! The first vocal melody I wrote and recorded on this page was Cashmer Cat’s Mirror Mirau. Hope you enjoy.

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