7 Questions With Plastic Pills

If you don't know about them already, the Plastic Pills girls are a best-friend designer duo: Dina El-Khouri and Roanne El-Alaili. They make gorgeous accessories designed exclusively with acrylic which they combine with other materials. If you were a regular at Sporting beach this summer for the C U NXT SAT parties, then you must have seen their necklaces being sold there.

We've known the girls for a while, and regularly bump into them at the same parties. We thought that it's about time to get to know them just a little better, so we went over to their work space and asked them our 7 questions.

Check out what they answered below, and get a first look at their brand new Plastic Pills collection. The collection is honestly super cool, and extremely affordable, making them excellent Chrtismas gift options. DSC_0021











1. What is your single biggest design inspiration? Mario & Luigi, tunnels, Karaoke at 5 in the morning, Pablo, Uma & John dancing, arcades, ABBA, love, Kate Spade, stolen objects, the 90s, McDonalds, the Shoop Shoop song and all the little pleasures of everyday life. mario

2. Person whose closet you’d most like to raid? Dina : Louise's closet from Thelma & Louise. The movie doesn't show a lot of her outfits but I'd be very curious to see more. I like how they're a mix of masculine and feminine. The result is very sexy and neglige at the same time. louise Roanne: I would love to raid Marie-Antoinette's closet. I have big obsession with that era. The volumes, the corsets, the materials. Everything about the fashion of that time was grand and over the top. marieantoin

3. Biggest fashion regret? Dina: The fashion trend that I always crave is to be able to pull off long skirts without looking like Olive Oil. olive Roanne: I'm pretty open to trying things, but the only look I've never dared is bleaching my hair and going blonde. Guess ill never find out if they have more fun! 12-bleach-blonde-hair

4. Theme song to your life? Dina: Comptine d'un Autre Ete, from Amelie Poulain ost. There's just something about it, it can make you sad and happy at the same time, I don't think there's a word that can describe that feeling.

Roanne: Le Parapluie - Georges Brassens. It's the perfect story of an ephemeral meeting of two people but that is full of meaning, in the sense that it's the little moments that make up the big picture.

5. Dream dinner guest, living or not? Dina: Thierry Lhermitte, I think he would be really witty and refined. Also, he's really cute. Thierry_Lhermitte_ Roanne: Oscar Wilde: He would be a great guest at a big dinner party. He would take a go at everyone and even himself, challenging every aspect of society for the fun of disarming everyone there. oscar-widle-

6. Worst vice? Dina: Well it's not the most terrible vice but I always bite my nails in a very neat way. Nobody can tell. bite Roanne: I'm impulsive and impatient. It's very hard for me to accept that sometimes I have to wait for something I already know how to get to. FrustratedGirl

7. Secret talent? Dina: I'm very good at reading people. Roanne: I'm very good at misreading people! girls

Here is the newest collection just released from Plastic Pills, check it out.

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