7 Questions With Niloufar Afnan

We recently had the pleasure of visiting one of our Lebanese designers, Niloufar Afnan, at her beautiful atelier. It's filled with colorful beads, threads, materials and endless design books and old notepads. A true designer's space.

We asked Niloufar 7 personal questions about her inspirations, her regrets and worst vices. Get to know another side of Niloufar Afnan below. DSC_0064








1. What is your single biggest design inspiration? Tribal art. Whether it is the powering mix of materials or colors, my work inspires from strong graphic compositions. I take in all this information and add a contemporary twist to it through material. ssmab24c-400 2. Person whose closet you’d most like to raid? Iris Apfel. A strong woman who clearly dresses to express, Iris Apfel is a spark that strongly lives in my pieces. Her interiors are always so meticulous. One can spend hours just by looking at the different items in a room. It really feels like a treasure hunt. Her wardrobe is all about colors and patterns, which I clearly have a weakness for. Although it feels overwhelming to layer so many pieces and live your daily routine, I do find myself sometimes layering it up for the sake of it. Iris 3. Biggest fashion regret? Not cutting my hair boy short a long time ago. I’ve always had the carre look. It felt like it was easy and close to me. I recently cut my hair much shorter, and it completely set me free. I love the boy look. DSC_0072 4. Theme song to your life? 'Make your own kind of music' by Mama Cass Elliot. A great song that makes you be true to yourself and go after what makes you happy.

5. Dream dinner guest, living or not? Richard Serra. An American Minimalist artist that creates fantastic sculptures in steel. His recent series of works are large steel structures that dominate the space. It creates a sensational viewing and physical experience. I would love to scratch his mind. richards 6. Worst vice? Temptation. I cannot resist buying material over material. It feels like a fix. Every now and then, I need to buy supplies. I need to be surrounded by fabric, colors, and materials. Makes me feel I’m in my element, makes me feel sane. The biggest trouble though is that because there are so many, I naturally forget where they are. Sometimes, it takes me two days to find an item. Frustrating yes, but its part of the process, so I appreciate that piece when I find it! facbook

7. Secret talent? I have courage to mix. I’m not afraid of too many colors or patterns. Everyone can do that, but many refrain or feel like it’s just too much. For me, it’s about proportions, and I think I have a good eye for it. nilou

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