7 Questions With Nour Hage

Nour Hage will strike you when you meet her. Her style is reminiscent of one of Tim Burton's enigmatic characters; you'll notice her bold asymmetrical blue-black hair, her ring-covered fingers, and in most likelihood, she will be wearing black from head to toe. Inadvertently, we discover that Mr. Burton is in fact one of her biggest inspirations. We get to talking some more, and she is extremely sweet and soft-spoken as she flutters around her space telling us stories of old cards from friends, her favorite books, and her most recent collection.

Nour is currently based in Beirut and has just designed her second collection. She graduated from Parsons Paris School of Art and Design in 2010, with a major in Fashion Design. She then went on to work for Paris-based German designer Damir Doma before returning to Beirut in 2012.

Here's a preview of her very recently launched summer collection, and you can also find the full collection below.

If you want to get your hands on some pieces right now, you can buy them on her online store at Lebelik.com.

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1. What is your single biggest design inspiration? Wabi Sabi. It’s a Japanese worldview rooted in Buddhism, that has its own design aesthetic. The basis premise is that nothing is perfect, nothing lasts and nothing is ever finished. Once I found out about that concept, it changed my approach to design completely. nour1

2. Person whose closet you’d most like to raid? Michelle Lamy. She’s Rick Owens’ wife and she basically manages his career and is responsible for where he is today. She’s one of the most fascinating people to look at. Even her teeth are cool. nour2

3. Biggest fashion regret? There’s this photo in my parents’ living room, on the mantelpiece. I must have been about 15, and I was wearing a flowery dress that left my shoulders bare. I’m gazing into the horizon for some reason, and I look like a Mexican telenovela actress. I keep trying to convince them to hide it in a drawer. Unsuccessfully so far.

(This is definitely not me, but here's what a typical telenovela actress looks like, just to give you an idea.) Telenova-2

4. Theme song to your life? Oblivion by Grimes. There’s just something about it that always manages to get me motivated. It’s kind of dark and beautiful and odd. That’s always a good combination.

5. Dream dinner guest, living or not? Well, I can’t pick just one, so we’re going to organize a dinner party instead. First off, Marilyn Manson. I read his biography and realized that under the makeup, he’s actually one of the smartest public figures out there. Every move he makes is so deliberate. And Tim Burton, who is one of my biggest inspirations. Then, Slavoj Zizek to make sure the conversation’s always going in some random & interesting direction. And finally, Keith Richards, because, well, he’s Keith Richards. Throw in my feta beetroot salad and a few bottles of wine, and you’ve got a pretty decent party I think. nour5

6. Worst vice? I eat a lot of French fries. More French fries than any one person should eat. Seriously. I eat a lot of French fries. nour7

7. Secret talent? I do a great Running Man. Just point me towards a dancefloor, and I’ll show you. running

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