7 Things We're Summer Diggin’ Right Now

From The Pop-Up Hotel *does the happy dance* to Yoga retreats, to what we're watching right now, there are a bunch of things we're diggin' this summer.

Take a look and bookmark this for when you're at a loss for something new to do. We'll keep throwing these lists your way so if you don't want to miss anything don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter.



If you want to get out of the ‘beach in the day party at night’ summer routine or if you are just an adrenaline seeker, go ahead and get out of your comfort zone by trying the new Paragliding over Jounieh experience. On the other hand, if you are looking from something less scary then take an early ride to mountains in Mzaar, hop in one of the hot air balloons and enjoy a nice peaceful ride in the clouds. For more information, see Skileb and



What we love about yoga is the fact that you are not only relaxing but you are also working out, it’s a perfect combo! We suggest you to participate in the Yoga Retreat at the ecovillage of Dmit in Shouf (during the weekend of 27-28th) where you will get to live with nature - we’re talking tree houses, mud huts and tents. Click here to find out more about the prices, the activities and the general atmosphere.



As the description says, it’s not your typical one-night-stand *winky wink*! The Pop-Up Hotel is a new nightlife experience for us nocturnes, it opens only on Fridays at 9 p.m on the terrace of the St. Georges hotel. We are lovin’ this new summer party concept! Visit their page on Facebook. #TGIF


It might sound as a surprise for you that we are picking this but hey there’s the almighty Chris Pratt in the movie! Aside from his presence, the film is highly entertaining for anyone even if you are not interested in dinosaurs or raptors; our bet is that after the movie you will be!


Spy is a perfectly balanced comedy, it’s not too exaggerated nor too light. It’s basically about the CSI hiring an unusual agent to go on a top secret mission in Europe. The scenario may sound cliché but with great acting performances from Jude Law, Melissa McCarthy and Jason Statham the movie will catch you by surprise, and there's a laugh-every-5-min guarantee (up until the end, which almost always wanes in comedy movies)!


"I know a guy who knows a guy who will take care of it” said Jimmy McGill, the starring character who’s a lawyer better known as Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad. The show is a spin-off and is set in 2002 before the events of Breaking Bad. If you've seen Breaking Bad, like us, you'll be really skeptical about watching this. We know. But trust us, it's really really good. It moves faster than Breaking Bad and you see Saul before he was a successful lawyer - his name wasn't even Saul. Just watch it.


We all have this aunty or grandma that “predicts your future” through your cup of Turkish coffee just for fun. Well, now people have managed to do an app for that called BASSARAH where you can experience coffee cup reading with Nadira, the fortuneteller. Read more here, it might be fun to sit around and read it with friends.