9 Cool Local Fashion Boutiques To Visit When in Dubai

Dubai has undoubtedly become one of the most compelling shopping destinations in the Middle East. You can find almost any brand in the world there, from luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Dior, Fendi and Kenzo to more mainstream global brands like Diesel, Zara, and H&M. Dubai really has it all.

If you've ever shopped in Dubai (or heard about shopping there), you know that mall culture reigns as king. You can easily spend an entire day roaming around a mall and you may not even see the whole thing - well, we can safely say that about shopping at Dubai Mall.

Although you may love shopping global brands of all sorts, you may also be looking to discover local multibrand boutiques that are unique to Dubai. You are probably on the lookout for discovering new stores that you didn't know about before.

If that's the case, then this list is for you. We asked our close friends and family who live in Dubai to share their list of the coolest local multibrand boutiques in Dubai that you should be sure not to miss when you visit.

We've compiled a list of 9 local boutiques in alphabetical order, with a description of each one, as well as photos to give you an idea about what style of fashion you'll find there. We also took quotes from each of our friends about each store to give you real input from someone who's actually visited and shopped in those stores.

Hope this helps you out, bookmark this page and keep it handy.

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9 Cool Local Fashion Boutiques in Dubai


"Mochi is a brand that begins with a journey, and reflection of different cultures. Focused on bright coloured embroidery, the tribal chic one of a kind pieces of clothes and accessories are handcrafted by local artisans."

You have got to check out their photos, everything is radiant with bright and beautiful colors, we'd absolutely make sure to visit this store. It also looks cool because the pieces are very wearable and trendy - sometimes you see ethnic or tribal wear that just doesn't look so great when worn.

Address: Cayan Business Centre, Office 903, Tecom | Tel: +971 4 4433451 | All Things Mochi Website | Mochi Facebook Page | Instagram: @allthingsmochi


"Maha Abdul Rasheed has already made a name for herself as the driving force behind Dubai’s first and only high-end vintage boutique, Bambah."

If you are into vintage, then Bambah looks like the place for you. It's also high end vintage so you'll probably find those one-off gorgeous pieces. Also, Maha recently debuted her vintage-inspired ready to wear collection: mainly depicted by bow-tie tops paired with huge skirt - they make for such a stunning outfit.

Address: 142 Jumeirah Beach Road | Tel: +971 4 349 5585 | Bambah Website | Bambah Boutique Facebook Page | Instagram: @bambahboutique


Comptoir 102 is a concept store and coffee shop in Dubai - it looks like a really cool space to visit. They serve what looks like really fresh and delicious dishes as well as clothes, accessories, and other fashion items. It's probably a good idea to visit this store when your lunch break is due.

Address: 102 Jumeirah Road, 102685 Dubai | Tel: 0097143854555 | Email: | Comptoir 102 Website | Instagram: @Comptoir102


"s*uce is an award winning multi-brand fashion and lifestyle concept store based in the UAE offering a curated mix of popular contemporary brands and diffusion lines as well as unique pieces by up-and-coming designers and limited edition collaborations. Featured brands include: Alexander Wang, Mary Katranzou, Preen, Filles A Papa, Acne, Tata Naka & Ek Thongprasert among many."

Sauce is by far the most known local multibrand boutique in Dubai. It has branches all over the city and has really taken Dubai by storm. You cannot by any means miss visiting this store and we are pretty sure you will end up buying something from there.

Address 1: 1st Floor, Fashion Section, Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai - Tel: +9714 3399696 | Address 2: Ground Floor, The Village Mall, Jumeirah Beach Road - Tel: +9714 3447270 | Address 3: Ground Floor, Dubai Outlet Mall, Al Ain Road - Tel: +9714 441 7383 | Email: | Sauce E-Shop | Sauce Facebook Page | Instagram: @sauceloves


"We are a progressive fashion showroom bringing new up-and-coming brands to the forward thinking fashion lover."

Socialista showcases young brands and designers so that's definitely a cool spot for discovering a new designer you may just love.

Address: Sunset Mall, Jumeriah, Dubai | Tel: +971-4-380-6830 | Email: | Socialista Boutique Website | Socialista Boutique Facebook Page | Instagram: @SocialistaDubai


"The Dubai Mall’s first and only luxury concept multi-brand boutique. Custom interior designs with carefully selected home furnishings provide the backdrop for an ultimate “home away from home” shopping experience for all that enter. Set out to change the perception of the Dubai fashion world, the Symphony brand has situated itself as a home for local talent to blossom as well as a platform for international designers to showcase their luxurious designs in a setting that is unique and harmonious."

Address: Ground Floor Fashion Avenue, The Dubai Mall | Tel: +971 4 330 8050 | Email: | By Symphony Website | By Symphony Facebook Page | Instagram: @bysymphony

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"The Zoo is not only a shop selling unique and exciting products; it is a magic place, an adventure, an experience and an inspiration. It can be your entry to a new way of focusing on your surroundings. The Zoo is a creative and inspirational melting pot of different products and styles. A one-stop destination for innovative gifts, clothes, accessories."

Address 1: Villa 142, Jumeirah Beach Rd (Opposite The Dubai Zoo) - Tel: +971-5-5241538 | Address 2: Level Shoe District, Dubai Mall - Tel +971-4-5016909 | Address 3: Souk Al Bahar, Downtown Dubai - Tel: +971-4-5530656 | Email: | The Zoo Concept Facebook Page | Instagram: @thezooconcept


"Get styled with the latest in women's fashion, accessories and clothing and shop online, ValleyDez has reinvented the concept of high-end fashion retail offering a wide range of fashion styles, including dresses, jeans, shoes and accessories."

Address 1: Galleria Mall, Al Wasl Road | Address 2: Sunset Mall, Jumeirah Road | Tel: - Tel: +971 4 394 1290 | Valley Dez Online Store | Valley Dez Facebook Page | Instagram: @valleydez


"We're here to offer you a totally rad Los Angeles shopping experience! Our selection of effortlessly cool clothing straight to Dubai from the heart of L.A, makes a fresh addition to the Middle Eastern fashion scene. What to expect? Only the coolest men's and women's brands!"

If you follow the girls at Coachella and you like what they wear, we have a feeling this store would be perfect for you. We totally dig that style, what we would do to live in LA!

Address: Sunset Mall, Jumeira 3, Dubai | Tel: +971 4 394 4248 | West LA Website | West LA Facebook Page | Instagram: @westlaboutique

Happy shopping!


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