A Few Places Lebanese Fashion Needs To Chill

Lebanon seems to be the land of the sometimes free but the always fashionable.

We all know that fashion can be a great way to express yourself, and welcome to the golden age of expressing yourself!

Back in the nineties, all we had to do is choose between a navy blue shirt and a white shirt, with our decision mainly depending on what Cindy Crawford had been wearing earlier that month; now, getting dressed isn’t about just looking good anymore, it’s about communicating an elaborate expression of our inner-self but sadly, what we end up expressing sometimes is that we are delusional.

Here are a few places Lebanese fashion needs to chill. Sorry, but someone's gotta say it.

Breakfast, Fast Food, & Cafes


Walking into a casual breakfast spot, you may run into someone in high heels, a leather skirt, smoky eye-shadow with perfectly winged eyeliner, and hair so stiff it doubles as a book-end. While you’re trying to drown your sorrows in one or two Mushroom n’ Swiss burgers at Hardee’s, you may very well run into someone with high heels on. Even going to a place like Ahwet Leila during the day, there is probably a 90% chance of running into someone wearing a leather dress and high heels; because that’s the only way to enjoy your hummus and arguile.

Parent-Teacher Meetings


Another hot spot for busting out those leather dresses are the parent-teacher meetings at schools. While you’ll have some mothers who will dress casually and appropriately, others will don their finest and most high-end outfits complete with the designer bag of their choice, Louboutins, and their diamonds. Always diamonds. Remember that your child is not going to get a better grade just because you’ve managed to stay a size zero.

(And of course) Weddings


But weddings are when we need to really calm down. I understand that it’s your mom’s second cousin’s wedding, but this isn’t the inauguration of a new queen. Are those real diamonds on your gown? Does your dress cost more than a down-payment on a small apartment in NYC? Is your dress restricting your breathing? If you’ve answered yes to two or more of the previous questions, you need to calm down.

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