Aishti (Finally) Launches an Online Store

For those very few who don't know, Aishti, in no fewer words, is basically the SAKS of 5th Avenue in New York, the Selfridges of London, and the Galeries Lafayette of Paris. Although it's not exactly a department store like the one you have in mind, it's the biggest multibrand store in the country selling almost every single high-end brand you can think of.

Aishti is not a store that we personally frequent ourselves, it's way too expensive for us at this point in our bank accounts. However, when Aishti has those 50%-70% end-of-season discount periods, we definitely make a trip down there and try to snag some majorly discounted designer shoes (and we suggest you do the same).


Yesterday evening we were going through our regular end-of-day-please-someone-post-something-fun-and-mindless-I-can't-think-anymore on Facebook when we saw an ad for Aishti's new Online Store, and all we could think was 'finally, where have you guys been this whole time!'.

For a store so predominant on the physical market, we've been waiting for them to join the online world so we can get a peek into their store from the comfort of our own computers (and mobiles of course). Here's a preview of Aishti's online store, which is currently only selling designer bags. Not bad for a start. You can buy one as a Christmas gift and they'll deliver it straight to your door.


What We Hope To See

What we would really like to see is a permanent Sale or Promotion section on Aishti's online store. If they are going to be present online, part of doing that is targeting the people who are actually online, all of us reading this now - and most of which don't have bank accounts to support a $2,073 Chloe Marcie Mini Satchel With a Strap bag.

Screen shot 2014-12-19 at 10.54.00 AM

Can you imagine seeing their shoe department online when it starts going on those crazy sales? We can. And we hope to see that soon!

Fingers crossed.


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