Ask Raghunter: How to dress for a job interview

Dear Raghunter,

I’m a major fashionista and have an upcoming job interview at a super-conservative law firm. Is there any way I can dress appropriately, while staying true to my sense of style?

Sincerely, Stylishly Smart

Dear Stylishly Smart,

Just because you’re interviewing with a conservative company, doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your sense of style. You can always incorporate a little bit of your personality into an outfit as long as you do it in an appropriate manner.

Contrary to popular belief, in this day in age, interview attire doesn’t always have to consist of a boring black pantsuit, although at a company such as a law firm, denim is the one major no-no. Opt for a pair of on-trend black pants, a stylish yet demure blouse (stay away from neon’s and over-the-top patterns) and a fashionable pair of pumps.


Instead of a dress suit or a pencil skirt, a casual day dress with a below-the-knee hemline in a soft print can be dressed up with a blazer to retain a tailored look. And if you’re still looking for a way to stand out, a great handbag always does the trick. 7616944850_e751de7945_o


The moral of the story? No matter where you’re interviewing, it’s always important to keep the ethos of the company in mind, but a little dose of fashion never hurt anyone!

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