C U NXT SAT'S Killer Summer DJ Lineup

The DJ scene in Beirut just got a whole lot better - so if you're into electronic music of any sorts, boy oh boy are you gonna love this.

We for one are major electronic music lovers, and it's not a love we take lightly. We scour for good music all the time. We visit Soundcloud and Beatport at least a couple times a week. We Shazam those tracks that get our attention at parties (most recently 'So Alive' by Kyle Watson feat. PopArt - and that's a brand-smacking new one, you're welcome). When we travel to party, we go to Ibiza not Mykonos, and to Berlin not Paris. And when DJs come to Beirut, we know very well who we are going to see.

Having said that, we saw the line-up that C U NXT SAT is bringing to Beirut this summer, and it's the real deal. They just dropped this official teaser video, 'Dance Yrself Clean', featuring the full line-up. To say the least, it's got our tummies all tied up and twisted in FOMO knots. See for yourself.

Directed by: Wassim Bou Malham - Teddy Tawil

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The DJ Line-Up

This is the third week into the line-up, so if you haven't been yet, you've already missed Noir and Claptone. Don't worry though, you still have 11 artists to go. We highly suggest you find the artists on Soundcloud to get an idea of their music.

In the meantime, here our top 4 artists who we recommend you go see for sure, along with some of our favorite tracks by each one.

1 // M.A.N.D.Y.

M.A.N.D.Y. takes us back about 8 years to the one of their first tracks that stuck with us: 'Oh Superman', M.A.N.D.Y vs Booka Shade ("3:45 - killer).

M.A.N.D.Y vs Booka Shade's 'Body Language' was pretty huge as well, have a listen you probably know it.

More recently is 'Gizmo' that was released at the beginning of 2015, and which Beatport describes more fittngly than we ever could as: "a thrusting, tech-y creation with a delightfully catchy synth phrase that deviates into a groovy kick towards the end."


Teenage Mutants is more on the deep side. There's always a good build-up going on there, and we love it. Here's one of our favorites, 'No One Knows' - Teenage Mutants ft Kant (Original Mix). Deep sexy stuff.

Slightly older, still deep and sexy as hell, 'You Blow My Mind' - Malente & Teenage Muntants (Original Mix).

Here's a more recent track that we actually just discovered, 'In My Soul' - Teenage Mutants & Stereo Express feat. Jeffrey Jefferson (Original Mix).


This is one of our favourite Robosonic tracks, 'Worst Love'.

On a harder and deeper tone, another sick track, 'Juicy' - Robosonic & Thabo Getsome.

And back down a little, 'Between Us' (feat. Ashibah).


Last but not least there's Kolombo, who is next to play this Saturday (see teaser video below). This is not the newest of his, but one of our top tracks, 'My Own Business'.

You'll recognize what song they are mixing here, 'I Take Ya!' - Kolombo & Malikk.

And a more recent one, 'Ur The Finest'.

Kolombo This Saturday

This Saturday June 27 Kolombo takes over the night, here's a quick video to get you all tingly.

Directed by: Wassim Bou Malham - Teddy Tawil

Stay tuned to C U NXT SAT for more teaser videos that will drop every week featuring Saturday's performing DJ.

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  • tony_c

    wow why was my comment deleted?

    no Carl Craig in your list? he’s the only one worth going

    you guys must be the type of people who shuffle on the dancefloor, wearing caps and ishirts or U-neck tshirts.

    Carl Craig is huge and you guys make it unnoticed.

    • Raghunter

      Hey Tony,

      We just saw this comment here! Sorry about that…we are unaware of any other one, and we definitely don’t delete anyone’s comments.

      We personally recommended 4 out of the 11 artists that were coming and whose music we actually know. We know Carl Craig but honestly not too well, so we didn’t want to put that there. We were leaving it to the actual organizers of the event to promote him as he deserves.

      Lastly we guarantee that none of us ladies over here wear caps, nor ishirts, nor u-neck shirts. And if you see us out, you’ll know how we do on the dancefloor :)

      The Raghunter Team