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Discover Zeidan Creations: Oriental Jewelry Takes a Modern Twist

Zeidan Creations is one of our incredible fine jewelry designers on Raghunter. We paid them a visit to their showroom and atelier space to get more up close and personal with their jewelry: the history, the brand, and where it is today.

We had an intimate chat with Rhona Zeidan who alongside her father, Michel Zeidan, currently manages the business. If you're on the lookout for fine jewelry in Beirut, you must check their full collection on Raghunter, here's a little preview.

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Meet Zeidan Creations

Like just about every woman out there, we are captivated by jewelry - especially when we come across jewelry that tells an enchanting story through the intricacies of its design.

This couldn't be truer for the jewelry pieces crafted by Zeidan Creations. As they perfectly describe it: "the story begins with the stones, their brilliance and colors, purity and intensity. They define the starting point and inspiration to all that follows."


Zeidan Creations, Since 1940

Zeidan Creations has a deep rooted history and a will of stone - so to say. It was founded three generations ago - more precisely in 1940 and more lyrically during Lebanon's golden days by Abdo Zeidan (Rhona's grandfather) in one of Beirut's bustling jewelry souks.

Looking at the picture below, we can't but think that it takes so much strength and resilience to keep and grow such business through the turmoil of war and as much unwavering love and commitment towards the work to be able to sustain the craftsmanship throughout the generations.


Oriental Roots

It's no mistake that Zeidan Creations specialize in the Arabesque designs. It happened that Michel actually left Lebanon in the 70s to establish a jewelry store in Muscat, Oman. "Being in this lovely city", Rhona says "gave the rise to our beloved Arabian collections".


New Times: When Oriental Meets Modern

Zeidan Creations today is evolving collections while maintaining their Oriental roots, but adding a modern twist to new designs. Some designs have even been revisited to create the modern version of an old design.



...which we couldn't help put try on:

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Behind The Label: A Look into the Zeidan Creations Atelier

We then had the pleasure of visiting their workspace, a room filled with craftsman working on meticulous and very intricate jewelry creations. Rhona took us around and gave us some interesting insights about how the metal and stones are assembled. All we know is we would have NO problem being surrounded by shiny beautiful diamonds every day. Here's a quick look.











See More Zeidan Creations on Raghunter.

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