Fending Off Alexa: Gear Up To Face The Storm

Like every year in Lebanon, winter just loves to make a dramatic entrance. It's as they say: "When it rains, it pours". This year is no different. If anything it's worse than ever. Folks we got a storm kicking in at midnight tonight and it has a name: 'Alexa'.

By now we hope all of you have heard about it and stacked up on lots of warm and fuzzy clothes to keep you warm. Apparently boys and girls she's one classy lady, "the winter’s first snowstorm, named 'Alexa', will be accompanied by intense cold and snowfall at medium altitudes in the north, between 1,000-1,500 meters, in addition to heavy rainfall" (Daily Star).

For those of you who are still holding on to your summer wardrobes and/or haven't had the chance to do some winter shopping, we've compiled a round-up of sweaters, coats, boots and scarves that will help you fend off the storm yet prevent you from looking like an Alaskan Inuit.

Stay warm and stay safe: "Alexa Storm Preparedness: Keep a list of Emergency Numbers ready: Security Forces 112 - Civil Defense 125" (Nicolas Sehnaoui).

Here's a list of items you can buy in Beirut to keep you warm.