Get Ready to Roar: It's Safari Season


Every once in a while we stumble across people, places, or things, and we get this feeling like we just know it was meant to be. Like that guy you meet in a total and utter state of unexpectedness, that city that you feel you 'found yourself' in, and that perfect dress that was mistakenly dropped from the rack in a store and you just so happened to get an itch at the bottom of your leg, you crouched and found the dress.

That's in large how we felt when we saw this elephant-print skirt from the Oddfish store in Port Beirut. There were no words exchanged, no thoughts to decipher, we just wanted it - and we wanted it as fast as possible. saf1

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Seeing that skirt got us digging deeper into animal prints, and it's a huge trend splattered all over Summer as well as Pre-Fall and Fall/Winter 2014/2015 collections. We have seen animal prints before so it may not seem like something very new, but this year designers took it a step further with a full adventure into the wild. Check out this bathing suit with elephant-inspired print by Mara Hoffman Summer 2014. mara1 Everyone from Esacda, to Versace, to Michael Kors, Diane von Furstenberg, and Mara Hoffman have incorporated Safari-inspired clothes into their collection, and some like Rachel Zoe's full collections are based around the safari theme. It's so deliciously fun, we kinda want to book a trip ot Kenya just so we can wear each outfit straight-up as seen on the runway - i.e. without feeling a bit odd having a drink in Mar Mikhael...wearing an over-sized zebra-print jacket.

The best part is it will definitely trickle down into mainstream fashion to our favourite stores like Zara, #excitement.

Here are some of the things we found when looking up the Safari theme.

Black & White Stripes



High as the Sky




Louis Vuitton's 'The Spirit of Travel' campaign was fully inspired by the safari theme.

Letting it all Hang




Hermes, Donna Karan, Chloe, Donna Karan S/S 2014

You've Been Spotted




Gucci Pre-Fall 2014 Collection