Getting the Best Beard-Jobs in Beirut: 3 Tried & Tested Barbers

Hello Lumbersexuals


It’s 2015 and the Lumbersexual has arrived to chop down the Hipster Tree. Part of the Lumbersexual look is an incredibly scruffy beard. Never mind that it always itches, you’re constantly eating it (or eating left-over crumbs hidden deep inside the bush), not to mention, kissing is a painful affair for everyone involved; it’s essential that a bigger beard is worn this season.

As I myself have a pretty valid definition of a beard on my face (as you can so clearly see right below), I figured it would be cool to share where I'd recommend you'd get your own beard trimmed and well-kept.


3 Of the Best Barbers in Beirut

To keep this recommendation as real and authentic as possible, I went around one Saturday in Beirut and visited a couple of barbers. Here's what went down.

Sky by Tarek

My usual barber is William at Sky By Tarek. Not exactly the most hip name for a barber shop, but these guys have hordes of men coming in and out of their shop daily. They know exactly how to groom a guy and are well up to date with the trending ‘big beard / big hair.’ That day, William was sent off to The X-Factor to style the contestants, so I was left hanging. Given that beards are traditional symbols of sacred masculinity, you don’t want just anyone fondling your face-pubes. Conveniently located on the intersection of Saifi, Downtown and the end of Monot, Sky By Tarek has a lot of traffic, therefore a lot of experience.


Prices: Haircut 20,000 LL, Beard 5,000 LL | Tel: 01-333-930, 76-75-82-49 | Opening Hours 9am to 11pm daily

Creative Salon

My next attempt at taming my cheek-fuzz was Creative Salon run by Georges Geagea in Sassine. This guy has been around since the early 90’s, serving the emerging ‘cool’ crowd as they crawled out of their bomb shelters directly to make-shift clubs and bars amid the ruins. Urban legend speaks of Geagea setting up hairstyling stations outside underground music events, allowing punters to dye their hair bright magenta right before the party. Geagea’s resident beard-champion Hussein, is known for his passion for facial hair sculpting. When my regular beard-keeper wasn’t available, the next logical choice was here; however, my arrival on Saturday at 6:30pm prevented me from getting my curls contained before closing time.

creative salon

creative salon 2

Prices: Haircut $25, Beard $10 | Tel: 01-215-922, 03-32-65-32 | Opening Hours 9am to 6pm except Sunday

Salon Mohamad

Back on the street, feeling like Chewbacca, I desperately needed anyone involved in fur-control! The weekend was in full swing, I was feeling awesome on the inside, but the exterior didn’t correspond. Nightfall was approaching, and panic was rising. I found myself in a teeny tiny mini-market in Ras el Nabeh buying chocolate to resurrect my flailing blood sugar. I noticed the group of guys in full beards hanging out on their mobilettes outside the shop so I asked the young lady if she knew of any local barbers. She guided me to a barber at the end of her alley. It was a small humble shop run by smiley Mohamad. Right next door was an authentic neighborhood tattoo shop run by Ali. Mohamad worked on my beard, which turned out fantastic. Ali had just finished his own tattoo, on his own forearm, which was beautifully detailed, clean and competes with any other local artist. It’s always a pleasant surprise how you find the best things when you’re not looking!



Prices: Haircut 10,000 LL, Beard 5,000 LL | Tel: 01-617-715, 03-95-48-02 | Opening hours 9am to 9pm except Sunday

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Georges is a contributor attempting to write about men's fashion despite him dressing like a sack of potatoes. Bearded, tattooed and bouncing between Beirut, Riyadh and oblivion.

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