How I Learned to Clash Prints Like a Street Style Diva

I am absolutely in love with the concept of clashing prints, especially when the look comes out seamless, like it was meant to be for polka dots and stripes go together.

The best examples I've seen are those girls from street style shots all over the world. Some of them are real clashing experts, and I envy them! Here are some clashed print outfits I love.






As part of The Kill launch photo series, I decided to tackle the whole challenge of clashing multiprint items.

With the help of Wael Boutros, our stylist on the shoot, we collected multiprint clashing items that I would honestly have had no idea to put together.

clashing prints sdssf

3 Takeaways from Clashing MultiPrint Items

1 // Go Slow: If you're trying to clash prints for the first time, I recommend you work with a maximum of two clashing prints so as not to overwhelm yourself.

2 // Break it With Solid Colors: I myself need to feel confident about trying something new with my style, so I would play it a bit safe the first few times and break the clashed prints with solid colors (i.e. the black crop top and skirt in my outfit).

3 // Accentuate with Colored Accessories: Colored accessories will help with the overall clashed outfit look. The fun part is once you have your outfit set, you can add on as many colored accessories as want, they will most likely accentuate the look you are going for.

What I'm Wearing

Black Crop Top: Found at Depechemode (Brand: American Retro) Black Leather Skirt: Found at Depechemode (Brand: American Retro) Floral Bomber Jacket: Found at Depechemode (Brand: Clover Canyon) Open Toe Print Booties: Found at Depechemode (Brand: Rebecca Minkoff) Multiprint Clutch: Found at Sarah's Bag Floral Necklace: Found at Zara