Inside Dina's Trip: Nature Vs Fashion in Phuket

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We met Dina Shaban a few years back when she was living in Beirut and working with the brilliant Krikor Jabotian. She was immediately striking because her style is effortlessly wicked, to say the least. We kept a stalkerish eye on her over the years and then started following her on Instagram (@badgyldini); hers is one of the very few accounts we are addicted to following. Seriously, check it out and you'll see what we mean. At some point we decided enough was enough, we needed to get Dina on board as a contributor on The Kill to share some of her insane visual journeys with the rest of you. She luckily said yes and here we are today with her very first post. Think of Dina as somewhat of a muse - sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

Ko Dini

I recently spent two weeks in the Island of Phuket in Thailand and explored the neighboring Ko Phi Phi Islands (my nickname's Dini - 'Ko Dini', get it? :)) including Bamboo and Maya Beach (where 'The Beach' was filmed!).

I consider myself a nature lover and honestly I’ve never experienced anything like this before. In order for you to relive my Nature vs Fashion experience, I’ve created a set of digitally inspired photos, videos, and some links to the songs/playlists that I was listening to.



Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Rainbow Melt Series




The Jungle, As I See It

Inspired by Richard Mosse, I took a number of photos through an infrared lens.





Trippy GIF Series

Featured Playlist

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Featured Video

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Dina Shaban is a Palestinian-Jordanian music, fashion and art enthusiast currently residing in Amman, Jordan. Besides creating IPhone app based digital works, she is currently learning the technical skills to become a digital artist. Her ultimate life goal is to travel the world and explore different cultures. Follow her on Instagram @badgyldini and on tumblr BadGylDini to venture on a psychedelic trip that will boggle your mind!