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Looking to Make Your Black-Ridden Winter Outfits More Exciting? - These 25 Colorful Statment Purses


Indeed it came, Ned. Darkness has taken over our winter closets and by now, most of them are as dark as a bat's cave.

If you are one of those people that needs a projector to navigate through your black-ridden winter outfits, then chances are your everyday look seems like a re-interpretation of the same black pieces - and your friends call you out on it too: 'Why the hell are you always wearing black! You need to start wearing more colors, like red. Red brings out your eyes.'.

We get it. Black is your colder month comfort zone (it's ours as well btw), you can't just step out of it - and there is absolutely no need to. Why? Because we have a solution for you that doesn't require buying a whole set of new colorful clothes or getting rid of the ones you love so dearly. It simply involves adding a colorful statement purse to your black canvas of an outfit, and bam, you've got yourself a work of art.

It should look something like this:





Here are some statement colorful purses we'd recommend you check out.



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