Masculin Magazine Interviews Raghunter's Co-Founders: On Tomboy Wardrobes, Bearded Men, and Dream Dates

The Raghunter X Masculin Connection

We at Raghunter just officially teamed up with Masculin Magazine, in one of the coolest ways we could possibly partner up with another online magazine.

Very soon, Masculin Magazine will be publishing French versions of our edgiest and most informative men's articles covering local fashion in Beirut. That's right, it's for all you 'frenchies' out there :)

The articles cover a wide array of relevant topics for men like "Where to Tailor Men's Suits in Beirut", "3 Tried and Tested Places to Get a Beard Job in Beirut", and "How to Prolong the Life of Your Leather Shoes Like a Professional". There are other more raunchy articles we must admit like.."10 Tips to Make Her Orgasm Harder".

Masculin Magazine

For those who need a little background update on Masculin Magazine, it is one of Lebanon's most established print magazines catering to men in all aspects including lifestyle, cars, trends and even fashion. This year Masculin Magazine transitioned online and is opening up to the younger more digital-savvy men out there.

You have got to check it out and subscribe if you want to stay up-to-date all their articles.

The Masculin Interview

The team over at Masculin got us ('us Raghunter co-founders' Serene Abbas and Narina Najm, hi) all dressed up and posing for a gorgeous photo shoot where they challenged us to accentuate our 'masculin' sides, full pun intended.

They also got us answering some really fun (and revealing) interview questions. We promise our jobs are much more hectic than they sound.


So if you got some French under your skin,

here is a link to the original interview on Masculin Magazine.

If on the other hand, you're pretty much French-deficient like us, here's the English version.



How would your ideal man dress?

Serene: The way I tell him to.

Narina: Birthday suit.

If you could raid a celebrity’s closet for a tomboyish day out, who would it be?

Serene: It would be that of Kanye West, aka Yeezy, aka self-proclaimed biggest rockstar on the planet. I was a huge fan B.K. (…Before Kim), now not so much, but nevertheless, the man knows how to dress. Low-hanging tight leather pants, an over-sized t-shirt, paired with Yeezy Boost sneakers and a long coat on top? Yes please.

Narina: Boy George’s 80s closet. It’s loud, fun and obnoxious.

True or False: A man will always look hotter with a beard.

Serene: TRUE. VERY, TRUE. *My girlfriends are reading this and laughing.*

Narina: False. We perceive men with beards to be hotter because today it’s trendy to sport a hipster look. Ask yourselves why you never salivated over a bearded jihadist? Or have you?

Describe your dream date.

Serene: Thinking about answering that makes me queasy. The same way it would make me queasy if you asked me what my ideal man would be like, or how I’ve always imagined my wedding day. Putting romance in a box of ideals squishes the reality for me. Is that why I’m still single?

Narina: Candlelight, sleep inducing aromas and an hour-long full body and foot massage. Hint, hint to a hubby from a 9 months preggers.

What is, in your opinion, the worst double standard for men and women.

Serene: It’s the expectation for us to both be financially and emotionally independent. The expectation for us to both be passionate and successful at our jobs. The expectation for us to both rake in the dough. But woah, hey, please woman, don’t go intimidating anyone now.

Narina: Whatever the phrase in question 8 assumes.

What is the true mark of a perfect gentleman?

Serene: Walking a girl to her car, every time.

Narina: Chivalry - unfortunately it's so rare these days.

What is the most important quality you look for in a man?

Serene: Good communication skills.

Narina: I actually look for the worst quality because that eventually ends up being the deal-breaker. For me there is nothing worse than a self-centered and selfish man.

Finish the phrase: Men age like wine, women...

Serene: will never age, thanks to botox.

Narina: Live up to 10 years longer than men.

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Serene is co-founder and Head of the Editorial Department at Raghunter. Her nickname at the office is 'Merriam-Webster' after her relentless pursuit to correct people's grammar and pronunciation. She has quite a short attention span on Skype calls and has a weird love for decorating baked desserts.