Metallic Tattoos: Yay or Nay? | 20 Girls & Guys in Beirut Tell Us What They Think

As far back as we can remember, there were specific trends that defined what most girls wore/did at certain periods of time.

There were belly piercings and tramp-stamps, upper arm bracelets (remember the snake ones!), belly chains and anklets, more recently there were flower headpieces and now there are metallic temporary tattoos.



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Now, these are slightly different from the temporary tattoos we used to get with Bazooka bubblegum wrappers when we were kids. These, are adult tattoos that have even got Queen Bey to bow down.

beyonce metallic tattoos

The question we have is: great, a new trend, but what do girls and guys in Beirut actually think of them? Are they a huge yay or nay?

We asked 10 girls and 10 guys what they think, and here are the results:

60% of girls said Yay (more or less)

"I love them, they're attractive and eye catching." "Very cool, but do not over do it." "Yay, but you have to know how to wear them." "They are flattering but only to a certain extent." "Only the ones that have black are nice, the gold and silver are vulgar." "I sent the constellation ones to my boyfriend and asked if we could get real ones because we are planing our wedding in an astronomy museum. I love the metallic tattoos."

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40% of girls said Nay

"90s flashback." "There was a time when they were cool, now they're just overused." "Nay, I prefer traditional tattoos." "I think they are gimmicky, I got really excited when they first came out, but now that everyone has them they turned me off." "They're pretty up until they start chipping off and they just look weird." And the best one by far: "Cool, not bad, no actually I hate them."

20% of guys said Yay

"They are very sexy." "They're actually really nice and creative."

A Staggering 80% of guys said Nay

"They are irrelevant and annoying." "Girls can get normal tattoos and they will be much better looking." "In general, I don't like them." "They are a visual illusion that makes you want to get closer and understand what the fuck they are." "They're just a new trend that you silly girls can busy yourself with and enjoy whatever pride and satisfaction you get out of them to make you feel special and up to date with the world." (Ouch) "I don't see the point of using these if you can use real jewelry." "They look lame to be honest like just get real bling." "A good replacement for someone who craves real tattoos but whose parents are bitches." (Double ouch)

What do you think about metallic temporary tattoos?

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