Music on Point, Style on Fleek | Signature Style of These 4 Massive Artists Performing in Beirut Soon

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This all-of-a-suddenly-scorching-hot summer in Beirut is seriously raving with kick-ass gigs.

There's quite an extensive list of big names who'll be coming to Beirut to perform soon, but here are the Top 4 that we are most excited about:

1 // The one and only John Legend (who owns our hearts) 2 // The fierce Jessie J, 3 // The guys from The Script 4 // The absolutely talented Alt-J (who will be opened by our very own Who Killed Bruce Lee)

As much as we're excited about their shows, we also wanted to take a moment to appreciate their fashion sense and signature styles.

Here's each one listed in order of who's performing soonest, as well as a link to a special feature afterwards where we sit with Wassim Bou Malham of Who Killed Bruce Lee and ask him 11 Questions about his personal style, his biggest fashion regret, and whether the boys coordinate their style at performances. Don't miss it!


Byblos Festival, July 14

Word is, The Script band can goddamn dress, and boy aren’t they fine (*turns the fan on*). Their more-often-than-not black and leathery outfits scream rock’n’roll, but also pull off more slick long coats and casual outfits pretty well.





Jounieh Festival, July 15

Behold…the brit diva Jessie J who masters the art of provocative, classy, swaggy and casual style.




Byblos Festival, July 16

“No, I do not jog in Lanvin. I doubt if Kanye does too.” said Mr. Legend who manages to be both sassy and classy when it comes to his fashion sense. He pulls off almost everything really well - not to mention when he's accompanied by his gorgeous wife and model Chrissy Teigen, #relationshipgoals.




Byblos Festival, August 18

When it comes to Alt-J we say they’re successfully making nerdy hot. They always go for hipster shirts, vests, colored knits and even the lamest sweatshirts but we love it and B.T.W we are dying over their Alt J signature sun-shades. So for all the hipsters out there looking for style icons, you've found them.




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