NBA All-Stars Exhibition

When Geek Express shoots, they score.

The concept space’s NBA All-Stars Exhibition opened on July 4 with more than 500 pieces of paraphernalia worn and used by basketball court legends. From Scottie Pippin-signed Air Jordans to a Lakers jersey bearing Kobe Bryant’s signature, this is one exhibition that has basketball fans cheering from the rafters. Raghunter caught up with Ramzi Traboulsi, the collection’s local agent, who showed us what a 24-year obsession with the game looks like.

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Interview With Ramzi Traboulsi

Raghunter: How did you get into collecting?

Ramzi Traboulsi: I bought my first basketball pack of cards when I was 10 years old.

Raghunter: Why did you decide to exhibit your collection?

Ramzi Traboulsi: I decided to share it to see if there’s interest in it in Lebanon and the region.

Raghunter: How many pieces do you have?

Ramzi Traboulsi: I have around 600 signed, valuable pieces, but altogether I have thousands and thousands of items.

Raghunter: How many years did it take to collect what we see at the exhibition?

Ramzi Traboulsi: It took 24 years.

Raghunter: What’s the value of the entire collection?

Ramzi Traboulsi: It’s valued at around $300,000.

Raghunter: What is the most valuable item you have?

Ramzi Traboulsi: I have a couple. One is a Lebron James signed rookie jersey number with a limited edition of 23/123. I also have a Michael Jordan 1986/87 signed rookie card graded Mint 9 .

Raghunter: What is your favorite item?

Ramzi Traboulsi: My all-time favorites are the Chicago Bulls, but recently I’m with the Miami Heat.

Raghunter: Are you planning to put the collection on auction?

Ramzi Traboulsi: Not my collection, no – at least not anytime soon. But some items, yes.

Raghunter: Where do you keep these pieces when they're not on display?

Ramzi Traboulsi: The most valuable ones are displayed all over my house.

Raghunter: If you could be any NBA player for a day, who would it be?

Ramzi Traboulsi: Michael Jordan, because he’s simply the greatest.

Raghunter: Which team's jersey do you wear? Ramzi Traboulsi: Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls jersey.

Check out the NBA All-Stars Exhibition at Geek Express until August 4 at 10:30pm.

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