Party-Worthy Tops & Dresses Under $200

Hands down December is the most exciting month of the year, yet a time that can also be pretty hectic.

Oh me, oh my. You probably can’t keep track of the number of parties you’re being invited to by friends and family - to which you blindly RSVP, “Attending”.

We'd put our money on it that you're totally in panic mode right now, having one of those “I don’t have ANY clothes in my closet” moments. We get you girl. Especially that most of the parties you’ll be attending might overlap with people you know (and none of us want to be seen wearing the same outfit twice in one week).


It’s time to head out and buy yourself a bunch of new outfits that are not only party-perfect, but also reasonably priced. Remember you need to be able to come out with as many as possible options for your party outfits.

To help you out, we sourced these fabulous and awesomely priced tops and dresses that are ideal for the Holiday season party bonanzas.

Happy hunting!



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