Raghunter's Local Fashion Guide to Beirut

Traveling to Beirut

Ah, Beirut. What an interesting city ('interesting' to be defined as you please).

If Beirut is home and you come back every year, then you know what we mean. If you're a Beirut-lover coming in from the Gulf, you probably also know what we mean. If you're a foreigner moving to Beirut soon, you'll figure it out soon enough.

Let's just say that Beirut is a city that never ceases to keep you on the tippiest tips of your toes.

From new food concepts popping up monthly (now it's all about those burger and bbq joints), to electronic-music-filled rooftops and unmissable weekly parties, (to scattered political unrest), to beaches in the North and South that will seriously make you question if the South of France is really that much better, and to a plethora of great local fashion designers and stores.

Shopping Local in Beirut

We know that when you come to Beirut, between family and friends and all those outings, your time is very limited. So when you do have some spare time to shop, be sure to use it wisely. Yes there's Beirut Souks and ABC, but the majority of the the brands you find there, you can find wherever you go.

There is so much more local fashion to discover than you may think. The local fashion scene is growing every single year and so is the demand for unique local products. You really have got to get up-to-date on all of that. This applies to both men and women by the way.

Raghunter's Local Fashion Guide to Beirut

To get you going, we've put together 260 fashion references in a 125-page exclusively-curated local fashion guide to Beirut that you can buy and download right now from Lebelik.com.

You'll read about shopping districts and neighborhoods in Beirut, you'll see top listings of specific fashion stores you may be on the look-out for (like vintage stores), you'll discover where to buy specific fashion items in Beirut (like Toms & Triangl Swimwear), as well as features on some of our favorite fashion stores and designers in Beirut (like Vanina and ForeandAft). We've also included a whole bunch of fashion-related articles in Beauty & Lifestyle in Beirut, including topics you'll also want to read such as '8 of the Best Wedding Planners in Beirut' and '7 Salons to Dye Your Hair Crazy Colors in Beirut'. Finally, we also included two special features covering the best fashion & lifestyle bloggers in Beirut as well as 5 'It' Lebanese girls you must be following on Instagram.

Click on the guide's image below to take you to Lebelik.com, where you can buy your own soft-copy right now for just $5.99.


Happy shopping in Beirut - the local way.

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