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Six Oh Five

6:05 at depechemode is no longer just a time for the Lebanese fashion scene. It has become a sacred place for people who love to stand out and be on the cutting edge of international trends. A playground for all of us fashion enthusiasts who are constantly hunting down the latest craze and wanting to express ourselves through our outfits.

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Urban Cool Fashion in Beirut

If you’re an Urban Outfitters fan, 6:05 is your substitute (trust me, die hard Urban Outfitters fan right here). If you want to wear some of the edgiest outfits, get the coolest gadgets or simply buy an interesting book, 6:05 is the place to go to. This store has everything your heart would ever want and never thought you’d need.



The place in itself is an experience. The store’s interior alone is worthy of an Instagram shot (#nofilter). It has urban design with graffiti that’ll give you a Brooklyn vibe, and neon signs covering the walls, while staying true to depechemode’s pseudo-Parisian and timeless attitude. The music is funky, and will make you want to get your groove on. Everything in and about the store screams trendy, fashionable and “I WANT IT ALL”.


Brands at 6:05

6:05’s eclectic range of international brands caters to everyone. From the woman who’s looking for that perfect dress for her friend’s birthday, to the one who prefers to be more bohemian chic and loves fringes and plaid shirts, to that bearded man who’s looking for the middle ground between sharp and rock ’n’ roll (to all men reading this, us women really like men who dress well - FYI). Brands at 6:05 include American Vintage, Seven Tees, Defend, Haikure, Lauren Moshi, Les Benjamins and more.




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6:05 Fashion Events

At 6:05 you get more than just a shopping spree, they take it to a whole other level, it's an all-rounded shopping experience. The store always plans events at their space and you know that the who’s who of Beirut’s fashion hub will be there, and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss it.




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Spin the Clock & Win

Make sure not to miss spinning the clock of fortune at checkout between 6:05 and 7:05 for a chance to win concert tickets, discounts, yoga classes and much more.


Code Red Sales

Despite wanting to buy most of the store, their items can be a bit pricey for all of us on a budget. But no worries, wait for their sale called “Code Red” and you might find great deals and even splurge a little! Also, we heard that the store is starting to bring in lower price point brands that are equally as stylish. Woop woop.


(P.S. Go in with some restraint and will power in order not to max out your credit card.)

Store Address: St. Nicolas, Ashrafieh, Zen Bldg, Charles Malek Avenue | Tel: +961 1 335450 | Instagram: @605atdepechemode | 6:05 Facebook Page | Visit 6:05 Website


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