The Most Effing Hilarious Fashion Police Comments Since Joan Rivers Died: Lary BS for Decks on the Beach

Decks on the Beach released this video a few days ago on their Facebook page. Other than the fact that we were hit with major FOMO for missing that party, we got to hear some of the funniest fashion police comments since E!'s 'Fashion Police' crumbled and fell to the floor after Joan Rivers died.

This first episode of more upcoming Decks on the Beach videos that will be released throughout the summer, features (the loud & proud, opinionated, hard-to-not-like) Lary BS going at it with fashion police style comments. It goes a little something like this:

Lary: "Who are you wearing tonight?" Fashion Police Victim: "Bershka." Lary: (Turns face to camera) "HAHAHAHAAHA MY GOD, CHEAP BITCH!"

Not that any of us necessarily get 'decked-out' to go to Decks, but the whole point is Lary is coming from the fashion diva angle. In his very own words, "Lary BS is an actor, stylist, party animal and Beirut nightlife public figure. He's an expert in movies, fashion and gossip, has a FOMO regarding social events and parties and always enjoys a drinking night out. He also claims to be Joan Rivers' long lost son." How fitting.

It's the type of mockery that very few people can pull off and let alone get away with. To be honest, it kind of left us feeling like we want to dress up 'real cheap' (which shouldn't be too hard given 94% of our wardrobe is Zara and H&M) so he can make fun us too. Wonder what that says about our psyche.

Did we mention that the entire video has Britney Spears's "Gimme More" playing in the background? Just thought we should throw that in somewhere.

Also and lastly, before you get 2:32 minutes to completely shut off from whatever you're doing now, if you see Lary at Decks next time, fear not for being exposed as a fashion police victim. Each new video will be featuring a different topic, some of them where he'll be on the lookout for the coolest or edgiest outfits. And if you're lucky enough you'll have your 15 seconds of fame.

See you at Decks tomorrow night?

Video Filmed and Directed by Iron Heyoka Produced by Decks on the Beach

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