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Christmas Gift Ideas for 10 Types of Women

If you are a man in a relationship, you should know by now that buying gifts for your other half can be tricky business. There is no escape. Your gift will say a lot about how much you know, care, and love her. Miss, and all hell breaks loose. Hit, and you've dodged the bullet. Yup, it's one hell of a challenge.

Just think of us as Santa's little helpers. We've put together 4 perfect gift ideas for 10 different types of women. It's worth a read guys, one of them might just be your girl.

1. The Statement Maker

This girl has something to say, and it's that she's not afraid to take fashion by its horns. She's probably the only one you know who can pull off a Minnie Mouse ears hat in broad daylight way beyond the bounds of Halloween - and look incredibly swave. Don't be afraid to get her something a little risqué. anna-dello-russo-member-mickey-mouse-club

2. Femme Fatale

She's mysterious and seductive and that's exactly what drew you to her. The spell she cast on you pulls you deeper inside her web of charm and sexual allure. A woman like this knows who she is and is not afraid to flaunt it through what she chooses to wear - or not to wear. femme-fatale-89990632600

3. Daddy's Little Princess

She's used to being spoiled at home and won't settle for any less from you. With this girl the only way to go is bling. Think luxury brands and fine jewelry.


4. The Goth

If your girl's into heavy black make-up, loves to ink her body, listens to The Crüxshadows and owns a Rita Mortis toy, then she's definitely into some hard-core leather and metal-fitted outfits. Think neck chokers, skull rings, army boots, and virtually anything that's black. pp_promo_season_8_001

5. Tough Cookie

She might be petite, but this woman has a heart of valor and hands of steel. She's not the type to stay quiet and will give you a kick in the butt when it's well deserved. Don't try to battle her, because you will lose. Instead, acknowledge her strength with edgy yet fashionable pieces. 500full

6. The Bohemian Princess

A non-conformist at heart, she is not restrained by any social rules or obligations. She loves life and finds herself always gravitating towards music, art and literature. Get her something that will compliment her free spirit. nic5

7. The Modern Orientalist

She has the best of both worlds in her. A child of the past and the future, she pays tribute to her oriental roots through modern ways that are in tune with her lifestyle. Play on that. 2miufb

8. The Tree Hugger

Whether a hardcore environmentalist or not, she's in tune with nature and all that is natural. She may spend her time saving the planet or more subtly, gardening or taking care of animals. She derives her biggest inspirations from the environment. Think gifts with trees, flowers, sea and animals. 152530-daryl-hannah-arrest

9. The Bookworm

She might not know her Manolos from Louboutins, but this girl has got her Dostoyevskys to Bukowskis in check. Bottom line is she's just not into fashion, and no amount of finest Chinese silk or Indian cashmere will do the trick. For that reason, we asked our friends at Antoine Online to recommend something that will tickle her fancy. Here's what they suggested.


10. The Gadget Girl

With this girl, you've got yourself a match. Not only will she recite the tech specs of the new PS4 but she'll also put you to shame at a game of GTA. Think what gadget you would buy yourself, and get the same for her.


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