The Relationship Between Fashion and Sex

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On The Kill, we get into everything and anything there is to know about local fashion. We cover local stores and designers, recommend outfit ideas you can wear to local events, and create all types of local fashion lists. Recently, we also started broadening our horizons by dipping into topics such as Travel, Beauty and Lifestyle - after all, fashion is related to each one of them in many ways. This article is the introduction for one more topic that is directly related to fashion: sex.

The relationship between fashion and sex is an endless realm of discovery - and we are not necessarily alluding to the act itself. It's how you feel from the inside, and portray yourself on the outside. That piercing look in your eye that exudes confidence. There are so many questions that we have and are pretty sure you might have thought about yourself. Why does wearing heels make women feel more confident? How does a couple spice things up after being together for so long? What attracts women to certain men and not others?

Advice From a Real Sex Therapist

In a concerted effort to delve into the world of fashion and sex, we are working exclusively with one of Lebanon's only licensed sex therapists. Holding a Master’s Degree from University of Massachusetts Boston, Dana Sarhan is a Marriage and Family Therapist with a specialization in couples and sexuality. A member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) and the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT), she has been working in the field since 2009 in various countries. She gives couple therapy, individual therapy, workshops, women’s health and empowerment programs, and services for social events.

We are excited to present Dana's first collaboration with The Kill in which she touches upon the general relationship between fashion and sex. Here goes.

Content Warning: Contains the word 'sex' numerous times.

The Relationship Between Fashion & Sex: 6 Links You Should Know - by Dana Sarhan


Ladies and gents, whether you are single and ready to mingle, or taken and not mistaken, you have got to hear this out. Here are 6 links between fashion and sex that you should know. Don’t stress, we will be diving deeper into them in later posts. Stay tuned!

1 // Fashion is Straight-Up Confidence original Even if you've heard it before, you need to hear it again: fashion is directly related to how confident you feel. Women, when put on those favorite pair of high heels, how does it make you feel? How about when you wear that dress than accentuates your bust? We all have core desired feelings that we need to get in touch with, and experimenting with what we wear can help us discover and get familiar with them. It doesn’t matter whether you are wearing a ball gown or a great pair of old jeans. When you wear something alluring, comfortable, or just goddamn sexy, you can’t help but feel good. And guess what? Feeling good about yourself is a core ingredient to hot and happy sex.

2 // Fashion Brings the Spicy Back rs_1024x700-140124082320-1024.Keri-Russel-matthew-Rhys-The-Americans-GQ-Lingerie-Stockings-Sexy.jl.012414_copy When desire is running low, and you need some spark back in your life – that’s right, I’m talking to all you long term couples – fashion puts the 'oh baby' back in the bedroom. Think lingerie, costumes, role playing, fantasies, and some teasing techniques. If you've tried that before - try it again with something new. If you never ventured into that, it's about time you try.

3 // Fashion Enhances Sensate Focus Exercises 100131_carmad_0549 Ever heard of sensate focus exercises? These exercises help partners connect in an emotional, physical, and mental way that goes way beyond just sex. They are aimed at increasing personal and interpersonal awareness of self and the other's needs. Basically, they are all about heightening the senses - and what better way to heighten the senses than wearing something that feels amazing to see and touch. Think sexy lingerie or some kind of soft fabric like silk or lace.

4 // Fashion is Also What Fragrance You Wear Amazing-Hug-Love-Couple-HD-Wallpaper Clothes are not the only thing you wear in fashion, there's also your fragrance - big time. Especially for women, fragrance is one of the highest rankings in the list of turn ons about your partner. Your scent releases certain chemicals in the brain that are directly linked to those female parts in her body. If your scent is what she likes, it can be enough to arouse her all throughout sex.

5 // Fashion is a Strong Visual Trigger 581074f4a3013d3e_Miranda_Kerr_Miranda_Kerr_Thigh_High_Boots_VfZv-IHzNCFx-2 It's widely known that men are highly visual creatures - they see, they want. Keeping that in mind in the game of seduction is a powerful tool. What you wear can set the mood exactly how you want it. Whatever you're on to, don't forget to wear what fits your body. Accentuate what you feel you love. Wearing what fits your own sexy self can do wonders.

6 // Fashion Expresses Your Identity In and Out of Bed abbey lee eclectic carolines mode Yes, you heard me, fashion does give out subtle – and not so subtle – cues to one’s sexual life. Hipster, glamorous, urban, femme fatale, subtle classical and simple, etc. So think twice before you follow a certain crowd and think about your own identity. Think about what you want to tell the world.


Dana Sarhan
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Dana is a couple and sex therapist. An awkward yogi, her sarcastic humor can take you off guard. She can talk endlessly and listen to you for hours. And by endlessly, we mean it.