Top 10 Most Hilarious Slang Words for Moustache - & Images That Pop Up When You Search for them on Google

Call it 'Stache' or 'Bro-stache', there are a lot of different ways people refer to the word moustache. We got a little curious to see what else people say, so we did a little diggin'.

What we found is pretty hilarious if you ask us. And we thought it would be even more hilarious to search each slang word and see what photos come up on Google.

Pretty much all of them don't make sense, but hey it's just some mindless fun for the day.

You know, because it's Movember and all.

Here are our our 10 Favorite Slang Words for Moustache:

Cookie Duster

cookie duster

Lady Tickler

lady tickler

Dirt Squirrel

dirt squirrel

Lip Rug

Lip rug

Crumb Catcher

 crumb catcher

Lip Sweater

lip sweater

Mouth Brow


Snot Mop

snot mop

Tea Strainer

tea strainer

Lip Luggage

lip luggage


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