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5 Street Style Instagram Accounts to Follow from Beirut

The selfie on Instagram may be a huge trend these days, but street style may still be the biggest trend. Women and men all around the world are posting their own style or are being captured by accounts that solely focus on street style.

The most interesting accounts often focus on street style by city. After all, they are but descendants of the Godfathers of street style photography: Scott Schuman (The Sartorialist), Garance Dore (Garance Dore), Yvan Rodic (Facehunter), and the likes.

Lebanon is not far behind, in fact there are some pretty influential street style accounts on Instagram that are arising. The way we see it, this is only the beginning. There will be a huge amount of street style accounts popping up in the next year or two. If you like taking street style shots, we suggest you start now before it becomes a highly competitive space.

Here are the Top 5 Street Style Accounts to Follow from Lebanon that we think you should be following right now.

Click on the name of the account to take you to the Instagram page.

1 // Lebanese Street Style | 38,000+ Followers


2 // Fashionista Lebanon | 33,000+ Followers


3 // Mr Daddy O | 10,000+ Followers


4 // Leb Fashionistas | 800+ Followers


5 // Stylish Lebanese | 700+ Followers


If you are already following these ones and know about others, please list them in the comments so we can feature them next time!

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