'DANSE A DEUX TEMPS': Vanina's First Fashion Film

Fashion and film are a very explosive combination.

There may be no better way to bring clothes to life in moments that can be 100% curated, captured and replayed. A well-designed garment can stand alone in all its greatness, but when coupled with movement, direction and music, it becomes part of something bigger - a fashion film that will evoke unexpected emotion and leave lasting trails somewhere in your mind (Nick Knight anoyone?).

We first saw 'Danse A Deux Temps' by Vanina (written and directed by Jessy Moussallem) a couple of days ago when on vacation in Goa, and it blew us away.

Not because we've never seen anything so great in our entire lives, but because the combination of all elements was so damn on-point.

Moussallem seamlessly danced her way through a fashion story that was all about Vanina, without making us feel like it was all about Vanina. In other words, we watch many videos that feel like an elaborate ad push, but this wasn't one of them.

Seeing a collaboration like this one really gets us going. It just goes to show there is so much untapped talent in our local fashion market. We are sure other local fashion brands and designers in Beirut have similar ideas, and we say: stop thinking and start doing. If you think money is ever a constraint, we bet hands down that you will find more talented collaborators than you think who will jump on board with you purely to be part of the project.

And if you hadn't heard, the director's cut made the front page of Vimeo as a Staff Pick, there's some extra inspiration for you.

Without further adieu, and if you haven't seen the fashion film yet, click right on.

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As Vanina describes it, 'Danse a Deux Temps' is "a choreography of feelings. This fashion film is a tribute to friendship. A collaborative project born from our passion for the beauty of emotions, the quest for simplicity, and the wealth that can be found in genuine moments."


Entirely filmed in the four corners of Lebanon. Written and directed by Jessy Moussallem. Choreography by Les Filles Föllen. Featuring Mireia Salip & Andrea Just. Director of Photography: Daniel Férnandez Abelló. Editor: Carlos Font Clos Executive Producer: Rudy Francis Producer: Jinane Chaaya Production Manager: Julien Masri

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