What to Wear to Mother Mantra Live at The Garten This Saturday


If you haven't heard about them yet, Mother Mantra is a new alternative rock band from Beirut. The band is composed of 4 members: Sara for vocals, Karim on the guitars, Faysal on the bass, and Allan on the drums. They are performing for the first time live at The Garten this Saturday August 30 at 9:30pm, here's the event page for the full details. You gotta get out there and support them!

Their 'soon to be released debut EP "Dissent" draws it's inspiration from the darker side of the human condition and delivers it with a loud intensity that will get you singing, dancing, and possibly even head banging.'


Check out one of their tunes for a taste: My Lunar Eclipse.

So not only is the lead singer one of the sweetest most positive and most energetic people we know, but Sara Barrage is also one of our loved designers on Raghunter - you may know her as Cera Barr.


Given her amazing combination of talent both as a rock star-in-the-making and a designer, we asked Sara to recommend what she thinks you guys should wear to the concert. She started off by creating a mood board to give you a feel of the vibe and then went on to suggest 5 cool outfits.

Sara's Mood Board


Sara's Outfit Suggestions

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