What to Wear to University this Fall

It's been almost 10 years since I graduated from the American University of Beirut - time really flies - and boy do I miss those days. Those were the days I'd spend laying carelessly under the sun on the Green Oval, eating Dunkin' Donuts by the dozen (and never having to count calories) and getting up to no good with my possy (the bffs forever ♥). Yup, things were definitely simpler back then.

University Fashion: The 2000's

Interestingly enough our fashion style was much simpler back then too; especially in comparison with university students today. At that time, there were not very many fashion brands available in Lebanon so it affected the way we dressed, and the perception of what a cool outfit was. The main focus was typically the jeans and the shoes. Jeans were either Diesel, 7 For All Mankind or True Religion. As for shoes, believe it or not Pumas ruled the arena. Every girl had to have the full color spectrum of Mostro or H Street in her closet. In other words, noteworthy fashion style was determined by specific items we wore rather than the overall look.

University Fashion: 2014

Fast forward to 2014. You might not realize this girls but you are truly lucky. Your exposure to the fashion world is vast, and in turn you have much more developed and experimental fashion styles. We can all thank the digital revolution for that: the rise of the fashion blogger, style icons on Instagram, and endless street style shots captured in cities across the globe.


Having said that, if you're reading this, then you're probably on the look-out for fashion and outfit inspirations for this new Fall semester.

As part of The Kill launch photo series for this Fall, Wael Boutrous helped us style two outfits for university students; one for the Science and one for the Art students. Of course, all the items were sourced from our wonderful network of fashion stores and designers based in Lebanon, so you can hunt down the items and buy them yourself to complete the same look.

We hope to get you all tingly inside.

The Outfits

Outfit 1: Inspired by the Sciences

I'm guessing you always choose comfort over style especially that you find yourself racing from one class to another. Taking your style outside the box doesn't mean you have to scarify your flats for wedges though. Play around with color combinations and/or layer prints just like Wael did on Narina.


Outfit Breakdown

Narina is wearing:

Multicolored Jacket: Found at Depechemode Striped Shirt: Found at GS Stores Sleeveless Shirt: Found at Oddfish Elephant Print Skirt: Found at Oddfish Black School Bag: Found at GS Stores Eco Friendly iPad Cover: Found at Waste Leather Flats: Johnny Farah 'Oswald' Brown Wooden Eyeglasses: found at Oddfish

Outfit 2: Inspired by the Arts

If you are a Graphic Design or Architecture student, then countless overnights at university are your norm. More than often you probably downgrade your creative side in exchange for clothes that will make you feel right at home, like leggings and jumpers. You must be eager to break the routine. We say go all the way with something that brings out your creative edge. Here Wael put Narina in a funky cut-out multicolored dress, topped with a jeans vest.

uni 3

Outfit Breakdown

Narina is wearing:

Multicolor Dress: Found at Depechemode Jeans Gillet: Found at Depechemode Beige Print Bag: Found at Sara’s Bag Blue leopard print shoes: Found at GS Stores Imperial Silver Wing Ring: Found at Cera Barr Wrist Accessories: Found at Oddfish Sweater: Belongs to Narina Sunglasses: Belong to Narina


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