What to Wear to: Wickerpark Festival 2014

Wickerpark is an annual music and arts festival that takes place on the Mediterranean shore in Batroun. As described by the Wickerpark team, "The core concept behind Wickerpark was in fact a call-out to all Lebanese, to come and join us on that day, have a break from the chaos of city life, and simply enjoy a beautiful day out, in an open field in Batroun, sitting & relaxing by the Mediterranean, while music plays perfect company."

We truly love these types of events that happen in Lebanon, as they give local talent a chance to shine, and the audience a chance to discover and support local talent. This year Wickerpark is taking place on September 7 at Batroun Sea Side, starting 4:30pm. Here's the Facebook Event Page for more information.

Before we get into the fashion bit, here are few photos from last year's event so you get an idea what the scene is like.

A Few Photos from Wickerpark 2013









Now that you have an idea about how Wickerpark Festival looks, its atmosphere and vibe, we can move into our fashion bit. We strongly believe that when choosing what to wear to this event you have to take into account several considerations related to being in an outdoors festival space during hot weather. To get you started we've outlined most of the things you need to think about and added several item suggestions and outfit inspirations that go hand in hand with casual, relaxed and fun festival aura.

1 // Get comfortable

There are no perks at Wickerpark and thank God for that. The event is purely about music, art and nature; so don't bet on VIP lounges. You will be standing on your feet most of the time, so opt for flats, sandals or cool sneakers.

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2 // Turn the heat up

It seems like this weather will continue at its high straight into September. To lower the effect of the heat and humidity go for crop tops and hot shorts. After all showing a bit of skin never hurt anyone. PS: don't forget the sunscreen.

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3 // Go light

If you want to see all of Wickerpark acts then you'd have to be able to carry on into the night. Don't wear anything that will weigh you down. Go for cross over bags and pack lightly.

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4 // Accessorize

Perhaps the easiest way to accentuate any outfit and give it that extra oomph is through accessorizing. If you don't want to put a lot of thought into what to wear, then all you have to do is add few statement pieces that will bring the entire dress to life.

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5 // Bring it on

Use this festival as an opportunity to flaunt your fashion sense; no matter how eccentric it is. Toughen up and step it up a notch; dressing comfortably doesn't mean you have to compromise on style.

Here's an outfit suggestion for the ladies

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Here's an outfit suggestion for the gents

[rhtwpp-selection id=40]

Have fun!

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