Where to Buy Affordable Sports Clothes & Accessories in Beirut - These 7 Addresses

Lebanon is sadly lacking a Walmart. We don't have massive department stores for a one-stop solution to all our shopping needs. We do have malls, but the stores tend to be on the expensive side, and they don't always stock what you're looking for. So where exactly do you go to buy affordable sportswear?

A sports bra in Nike costs between $100 - $200. Adidas sells soccer balls for a devastating $50 a piece. And where would you even begin to look for archery gear?

These seven sportswear and accessory shops are your saviors. Say goodbye to wallet-crushing brand names, and hello to a one-stop destination for quality, yet affordable, sports gear.

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7 Affordable Sportswear Stores in Beirut

Brands for Less


Brands for Less is a perfect spot for budget hunters looking for temporary fixes to their athletic needs. While you can find off-season brand name clothing at a wild discount (hence the name), Brands for Less is also the main distributor of Tchibo in Lebanon. Though originally a German coffee brand, Tchibo also stocks a variety of other products, including sportswear, gear, and other clothing.

Address: Jnah Main Road, Beirut | Tel: +961 1 842885 | Brands For Less' Facebook Page



Much like Mike Sport, Decathalon is a hub for alternative athletes and gymnasts in Lebanon. With just about everything from gym clothes to archery gear, if you're eager to get fit or learn a new skill, Decathalon is the place for you.

Address: Le Mall, Dbayeh | Tel: +961 4 526 101 | Decathalon Lebanon's Facebook

Mike Sport


One of the biggest sports retail stores in Beirut, Mike Sport is home to just about everything an athlete needs. With a vast selection of sportswear, shoes, and equipment, Mike Sport is a convenient go-to for sportsmen or gym-goers who want options without having to go to brand-name stores.

Address: Across Lebanon | Tel: +961 1 888855 | Mike Sport's Facebook Page

Shogun Outdoor


Located in the heart of Armenia Street, Shogun Outdoor is a haven for the alternative sportsman. Filled with imported gear, accessories, and clothing from across the world, ambitious climbers, archers, hunters, and numerous other sorts of athletes look to Shogun for the supplements to their adventures around Lebanon.

Address: Armenia Street, Bourj Hammoud | Tel: +961 1 261039 | Shogun Outdoor's Facebook Page

Sinno Sport Lebanon


Sinno Sport is the gold mine of generic sports accessories. With a massive collection of gym, and both indoor and outdoor sports gear and accessories, just about any sort of athlete or fitness junkie will find what they need in the massive concaves of Sinno Sport, without the adding guilt of having to max out a credit card.

Address: Unesco/Verdun Crossroad, Beirut | Tel: +961 1 782781 | Sinno Sport's Facebook Page

Sports Experts Co.


Located both in ABC Achrafieh and high in the mountains of Lebanon, Sports Experts Co. is the place you'll go the night before a hiking or skiing trip, when you've realized you have absolutely no gear. With a limited, yet thorough, selection of shoes, sports clothing for all seasons, and gear for just about any activity, Sports Experts Co. should definitely be your go-to for all your last-minute needs.

Address: ABC Mall Achrafieh, Beirut | Tel: +961 1 202555 | Sports Experts' Facebook Page

Sports 4ever


Sports 4ever is host to a number of both low and high end sports products, from Castell and Speedo to Nike and Converse, and all at discounted prices. You'll have to drive to Dbayeh to get it, but it might save you a few bucks along the way.

Address: Dbayeh, Beirut | Tel: +961 4 540840 | Sports 4ever's Facebook Page


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