Where To Tailor Men's Suits in Beirut - These 10 Addresses

When it comes to suits, we know that finding the perfect one is almost as difficult as finding the perfect woman. Everything about the suit needs to be just right. After all, it's an investment that will remain in your life for years on end.

Nothing that's perfect is easy to come by, and sometimes when it is, it may be too heavy on your pockets or the quality may not be that great. You may even have a unique proportion that you can't find in any old store you walk into.

That's when you need to take matters into your own hands and consider tailor-making your suits. Create the suit that fits your exact measurements, find the right price-quality balance that works for you, and personally customize some parts of the suit you can't just do anywhere else.


In case you are on the lookout for that, or are curious to try, look no further than Beirut. With some help from friends, in addition to good old Google, we managed to compile a list of 10 places where men can tailor their suits right here in Beirut. If you are a groom looking for men's tuxedos in Beirut, these are probably the right places to visit as well.

If you already have an idea about what kind of suit you'd like to get tailored, don't miss the last part, Special Focus: Tailoring Tips For The Man Who Knows What He Wants, as recommended by our friend and suit aficionado, Nader Mansour (yes, this Nader Mansour).

10 Places That Tailor Men's Suits in Beirut

1 // Alphonse


Nabil Kassem, owner at Alphonse, specializes in tailoring trendy as well as classic suits and shirts. Even though he is a self-taught designer, his meticulous execution often leads to clients recommending him to others. Prices depend on working hours and materials used.

Address: Quraitem, Sadat Str., Beirut | Phone: +961 3 476 199 - +961 1 352 784

2 // Boudi Dib


In 2010 Boudi Dib started his own brand made to measure tailoring: 'boudi dib su misura'. Today he is one of the most recognized and sought after designers in men's suits. He is known for leaving his own unique signature of quality and sophistication in every piece he creates.

Address: Monot Street, Achrafieh, Beirut - Rahbani Street, Antelias | Phone: +961 3 921 976 | Website

3 // Brioni


Serving the individual customer while guaranteeing an infinite number of solutions, Brioni offers made-to-measure services for men seeking to indulge in customized luxurious outfits. Their master tailors bring out handmade suits that are fit for both most traditional events and those requiring a more active individual.

Address: Karagulla Bldg., 24 Avenue Du Parc, Downtown, Beirut | Phone: +961 1 993 020 | Website

4 // Canali


Working with their Master Tailor, each customer identifies a basic style and cut of garment that best fits their taste and body shape. Then the Su Misura suit is made according to the customer’s movements, posture and styling preferences, and comes with a label embroidered with the customer’s name.

Address: 225, Foch Str., Downtown, Beirut | Phone: +961 1 991 111 EXT: 480 | Email: beirut.shop@canali.it | Website

5 // Corneliani


Whether it is a business suit, a dinner jacket or a morning dress, this Italian men's luxury tailored clothing line offers made to measure services. Choose from their extensive selection of fabrics (over 500), and get a consultation from their specialized team to have your suit hand made and finished up to fine Italian couture standards.

Address: 225, Foch Str., Downtown, Beirut | Phone: +961 1 991 111 EXT: 500 | Email: shopbeirut@corneliani.com | Website


6 // Danielli


Their tailors are experts in men suits manufacturing and production to suit every need, size and taste. Whether it’s a personal suit, business uniform or even a wedding suit, the professionals at Danielli's will execute it at highly competitive prices.

Address: Dayshounieh, Mansourieh, Beirut| Phone: +961 4 530 754 - +961 3 240 748 | Email: info@danielli.co | Website

7 // Designwise


Their concept is simple: everyone designs his own shirt and suit. You choose the fabrics, then using a digital program, you get to design the item and all its details. The son and brand founder Barrak Naamani helps you with the measurements, and then execution begins by the father, Zouheir Naamani, who has over 60 years of experience. The design and selection process takes about 15 minutes, and can be conducted online via their website.

Address: Hamra, Sidani Str., Beirut | Phone: +961 1 750 842 | Email: barrak@designwiselb.com | Website

8 // Nemer Saade


Giving you the opportunity to select all the details of your suit, such as the colour, the buttons, the pockets, the lining, the stitching, the cut and much more, Nemer Saade will ensure that your garment is completely unique, while adding a special touch. The atelier can also have your name on the label inside the suit, for an extremely personalized touch.

Address: Saifi Village, Victor Hugo Str., Beirut | Phone: +961 3 704 504 | Email: nemer@nemersaade.com | Website | Facebook

9 // Sabra


Sabra takes a contemporary approach to men's suits, whether it's a suit for business, special occasions or a wedding. They use only the finest cloths and material brought from mills including Scabal of Savile Row, Holland & Sherry and Dormeuil to name but a few. Go with an idea of a suit you want to create or ask their advice, they've got you covered.

Address: First Floor, Zmourod Bldg., Tanoukhine Street., Hamra, Ras Beirut | Phone: +961 1 742626 | Email: info@ahmadsabra.com | Website

10 // Zegna


From custom suits to casual wardrobes, Su Misura at Zegna offers an unprecedented level of personal elegance, while preserving the same trademark craftsmanship that has distinguished this brand for over a century.

Address: 62, Abdel Malek Str., Downtown Beirut | Phone: +961 1 991 111 EXT: 222 | Website


Special Focus: Tailoring Tips For The Man Who Knows What He Wants

Now some of you gentlemen out there may have already have knowledge about suits, and more or less know what you want. You probably know the difference between British and Italian tailoring and understand the small differences and details between regional Italian designs. You also know your physique well, and what flatters it most. Now it's time to get a suit tailored, and you need some tips about how to do it right.

Us ladies over at Raghunter are pretty much clueless about all that good stuff, but we were lucky enough to sit down with the lead singer of The Wanton Bishops himself, Nader Mansour, who does know a thing or two about tailoring suits. He had always had a eye for what he wanted in suits and started tailoring more and more along the way. This is how you'll catch him on a random weekday, drinking an espresso, dressed like that, you know.


5 Tailoring Tips to Consider:

1. Find your best neighborhood tailor, get on his good side and get to know him! Ask him for the best quality fabric he has and then choose the one you like.

2. Get that one perfect-fitting jacket and pair of pants you already own and love. Mentally prepare yourself to see them cut in pieces and dissected. They will serve as a benchmark pattern design for your new suits.

3. Give the tailoring process time, and be patient. It will require endless fitting visits, trial and error, and a bit of frustration. But once your tailor nails the fit, you’re in suit heaven!

4. There are many style options you can go for, whether it's light Neapolitan tailoring with round pockets, shirt-like shoulders, and arm slope corrections, or you fancy yourself some rigid square Roman structuring. You could also be into Florentine wide lapels, or the classical Milanese multi-layered and heavier canvases, or maybe you prefer to play safe and go for British designs. The options are endless, and you'll see different trends all the time, but the most important part is that the fit is absolutely right.

5. Be playful, and if you can pull it off, just go for it: pocket squares, handkerchiefs, scarfs, cuffs, vintage ties, vests, ankle length pants, monk straps, loafers, brogues. Wear it all according to the occasion, and for the love of all things mighty when you are invited to a black-suit event, get yourself a damn black suit; satin lapels, silk bow tie, shiny dress shoes, and a cummerbund, IN BLACK!



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